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Thread: 1st Former Illegal Alien to Serve in Congress

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    1st Former Illegal Alien to Serve in Congress

    New Immigration Guidance 'Unleashes the Hound Dogs,' Says 1st (Former) Illegal Alien to Serve in Congress

    By Susan Jones | February 22, 2017 | 9:13 AM EST

    Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D-N.Y.) is the first member of Congress to have once been an illegal alien. (AP File Photo)

    ( - U.S. Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D-N.Y.) says he came to the United States illegally as a nine-year-old child, eventually returning to the Dominican Republic with his family to follow proper immigration procedures.

    He is the first member of Congress to have once been an illegal alien, and he told CNN on Wednesday morning that he objects to the Trump administration's expanded immigration enforcement because it "unleashes the hound dogs," expedites the removal of illegal aliens and fractures families.

    He noted that "many people come here" illegally because they aspire for their children to eventually become Americans.

    That's why this nation is great. So these policies that are being implemented by President Trump are heavy-handed policies, they set the guidelines for a mass deportation plan. Are we going to see deportation trucks or vans going through the neighborhood? Are they going to go to churches, are they going to go to schools? Are they going to take away caregivers, even though they're undocumented -- people who take care of children or the frail and the elderly? Is this what America's about?

    Espaillat said many of his constituents are afraid because they don't know how the new guidelines will affect them:

    "People are afraid to go out during the daytime. I've heard of folks who only go out at nighttime. And so there is concern, there is fear out there."

    Espaillat questioned whether young children such as he once was should be punished because their parents bring them here illegally. And he also asked what will happen to children of illegal aliens who are born here and have the same rights as other American citizens.

    Yes, there are laws barring people from entering the country illegally, Espaillat conceded:

    "And we're not asking people to break the law. You know, we're not saying that if someone committed a violent crime they should not be arrested and deported. But we are a country of aspirations. Are we in a country of deportation, or are we in a country of aspirations? I think that's what's on the table right now.

    "Have we changed the course of America, where we're now a heavy-handed, bullying country, or are we a country where anybody can do anything, including an undocumented young boy that's now a member of Congress?"

    Espaillat also said the money required for an immigration crackdown would be better spent on schools or infrastructure.

    "Should we be doing positive things with this money, the nation going to be on lockdown? Is it martial law? Are you unleashing the hounds, are people going to be afraid to walk down the street, even if they have a green card, even if they're a U.S. citizen because they look and speak a certain way? Is this really America? So this is what's on the table."


    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

    Sign in and post comments here.

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    "unleashes the hound dogs"

    Absolutely!! We don't care why they came here illegally. We don't care about their illegal goals for their children. We care about our own children, our own parents, ourselves. This is who we are, we are capitalists living in a sovereign Republic, where we decide what happens here, because we control what happens here, and we use laws and rules to achieve that.

    And if you were a real American, we wouldn't even be having this conversation. You don't even describe yourself as an American, you describe yourself as a "Latino of African Descent". Never in my life have I ever thought of myself as an "Anglo of European Descent". I've always thought of myself as an American. But then most of my family has been here since before the Revolution as have many others.

    Espaillat was born on September 27, 1954 in Santiago, Dominican Republic[4][1] to Melba (née Rodríguez) and Ulises Espaillat. Espaillat is a great-grandson of Dominican President Ulises Espaillat.[5][6] He describes himself as "a Latino of African descent."[7]

    He graduated from Bishop Dubois High School in 1974 and earned his B.S. degree in political science at Queens College in 1978.[4]
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    Enough is enough...Mexicans must do care of their own citizens, not Americans...send them back, they may faith for the better life in the Mexico. ..they are hard working, it's time to build your future in your own country.
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