22 Undocumented Cubans en route to U.S. detained in Honduras

Published January 30, 2014 EFE

Honduran authorities on Thursday detained 22 undocumented Cuban migrants in the western part of the country as they were trying to travel to the United States, the Border Police chief in that region, Edilberto Diaz, said.

The migrants were detained in Ocotepeque province, which borders on El Salvador and Guatemala, when irregularities were discovered in their papers, Diaz told reporters.

He added that the group was turned over to immigration authorities, who might possibly grant them permission to pass through the Central American country, given that their destination is the United States.

In recent years, Honduras has become a conduit for Cubans leaving the communist island trying to get to the United States, local authorities said.

According to official figures, in 2013 more than 2,480 Cubans arrived illegally in Honduras, and most of them were allowed to continue their journeys en route to the United States. EFE