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Thread: 3-Time Deportee Arrested in Texas Shooting Spree — 2 Dead

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    3-Time Deportee Arrested in Texas Shooting Spree — 2 Dead

    3-Time Deportee Arrested in Texas Shooting Spree — 2 Dead
    Photo: Williamson County Jail

    by BOB PRICE
    28 Sep 2016

    A Mexican national who has been previously deported at least three times was arrested in connection to a north Texas shooting and crime spree. Two people were murdered during the September 26 rampage.

    Silvestre Franco Luviano, 40, allegedly began his crime spree on Monday at about 10:30 PM. Police dispatchers in Dallas and neighboring Cedar Hill received calls about someone shooting a gun near Interstate 20 and Spur 408. 23-year-old Ruben Moreno was in a Hummer when he was shot and killed. Welton Betts, 44, was also killed while others sustained non-life threatening injuries, Fox4 in Dallas reported. Betts was pumping gas when he was killed.

    The crime spree continued throughout the night where Luviano reportedly carjacked several cars and even broke into a house to steal another vehicle, the local Fox station reported. He eventually worked his way south on Interstate 35 where he stole another car and kidnapped a man in Georgetown, north of Austin. The man was eventually released.

    Officers were led by a tip to a relative’s apartment in Georgetown. As police were beginning negotiations with the man, he reportedly set a fire in the apartment as a diversion. When he fled the building, he was captured by police. A firearm was found in the apartment, according to another Fox4 report.

    Officials later learned Luviano has a history of prior arrests and has been deported at least three times in the past.

    “I would say at this point in time he has no status to be in the United States,” Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Hector Gomez, with the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force, told Fox.

    Luviano has previous convictions for multiple counts of burglary of a vehicle, driving without a license and possession of a controlled substance. The jail records reveal at least two previous felony convictions in Williamson County. Luviano was being held in the Williamson County jail on charges of possession of a controlled substance and murder, according to jail records obtained by Breitbart Texas. Has now been turned over to Dallas County officials on their murder warrant.

    He was booked into the Williamson County jail under the name Guillermo Luviano Franco. The name Silvestre Franco Luviano is listed as one of many aliases. His home address is listed as Weir, Texas. It is not known why he was in the Dallas area.

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    There is no excuse to have garbage like this in our country - AT LEAST 3x deported to this latest killing/shoot out/crime spree. Our gov't is not protecting American citizens.

    Would he and his like receive amnesty under hillary if God forbid she is elected? Yes she will follow obamas disregard for American citizens while making us pay for all their needs including exploding with babies that need to be educated for 12 yrs along with free health care. How people do not see what is happening is remarkable.

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    Such a tragedy that a man who has no RIGHT to be in our country is allowed to stay because our politicians want people like him here for their own purposes. I wonder how they'd feel if an illegal scumbag like this shot dead some of THEIR family members? They're all so isolated from the decisions they make and have no problem legislating that We the People have to live amongst these criminals, while they live in gated communities and are well protected. Do you think any of them are out pumping their own gas?

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    Photo: Williamson County Jail
    August 29, 2016 - ILLEGAL Alien Crashes Bus Full of Louisiana Flood Volunteers, Kills Two - Driven by 37-year-old ILLEGAL alien, Denis Amaya Rodriguez, who was not licensed to drive. The bus chartered to transport volunteers helping out Louisiana flood victims plowed into a fire truck in a terrifying crash that left 2 dead and 41 people injured.

    Sept. 22, 2016 - Illegal Activist Who Says Mexicans Aren’t Rapists Arrested for Rape - ILLEGAL alien activist, Adolfo Tony Yapias-Delgado, is the director of Proyecto Latino de Utah, that maintains that mexicans aren’t rapists. Yet he was arrested this spring for raping his ex-girlfriend– also an ILLEGAL alien.

    The atrocities of ILLEGAL aliens never ends. How ignorant and short sighted can anyone be to say, "Building a wall is racist"; these people have blood on their hands that can never be washed off and are joined at the hip to the likes of the great obama, the female clinton, nasty pelosi plus feinstein, boxer and all the open border slugs.
    To add insult to the tragedy, we have the likes of ABC - The All Backing Clinton channel - and some of the other drive by media, that won't even give a description of hispanic criminals, let alone give out their immigration status.

    Many American Hispanics and legal residents are catching on to the fact that their reputation, livelihood and income are also being destroyed by the crimes of ILLEGAL alien Hispanics.

    Time to drain the swamp.
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