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    Acting DHS secretary: States playing politics with public safety by giving drivers li

    Acting DHS secretary: States playing politics with public safety by giving drivers licenses to illegals

    1 hr ago
    By Julia Musto

    Acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Chad Wolf said Tuesday that a new New Jersey law allowing illegal immigrants to apply for and receive driver's licenses is dangerous to both public safety and national security.

    Appearing on "Fox & Friends" with host Steve Doocy, Wolf said the "Green Light" law restricts the DHS's access to Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) data that could aid them in their investigations.

    Wolf said that "officers who are investigating crimes, building cases, and looking at suspects are not going to have the data to do their jobs and make their communities safer."

    The law gives illegal immigrants over the age of 16 the "Green Light" to obtain driver's licenses. Under the regulation, foreign documents such as passports or a driver's license can be submitted and used in the application process. A Social Security number is not required. A dozen other states have similar legislation on the books.

    "It's very similar to what we see with sanctuary policies around the country that, again, are not protecting the communities and the law enforcement officers trying to do their job[s]," said Wolf.

    He told Doocy that he thinks the law is "playing politics with public safety."

    "And, that's really concerning from a 'protecting the homeland' perspective," he added.

    Meantime, video shot outside a Queens, New York DMV facility showed a long line stretching around a city block, as illegal immigrants waited to file their applications for licenses. New York's law also went into effect Monday.

    Yatziri 🦋
    AMAZING! Current line at the Queens DMV on the first day #GreenLightNY takes effect! @MaketheRoadNY
    (video within tweet)
    6:38 AM - Dec 16, 2019

    Wolf said he thought that awarding illegal activity becomes an incentive for other illegal immigrants to try to enter the country.

    "I would say that any time we reward illegal behavior, illegal activity, that's problematic for us," he concluded. "And what we have seen, particularly on the border, is that encourages more populations, more individuals, to come here illegally, which puts a larger strain on DHS's capabilities to secure the border and the like."
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    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

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