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    ALIPAC launches effort to oppose CAFTA and Amnesty bills ... le&sid=484

    William Gheen, President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
    (CAFTA, campaigns, Congress, President, laws, illegal immigration)
    ALIPAC Note: You will find a link to lobbying resources and assistance at the end of this article.

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC announces the launch of a new campaign to block CAFTA and the McCain Kennedy Amnesty as both would legitimize illegal aliens already in the US while opening the flood gates to millions more in short order.

    Read the latest headlines about illegal immigration.

    CAFTA or the "Central American Free Trade Agreement" will be voted on by the US Congress before July 4. This trade deal, also known as SHAFTA or NAFTA2 will weaken the power of the US Constitution and the ability of the American populace to enforce their existing immigration laws and secure the nation's borders.

    Congressional testimony, press conference transcripts, and national media reports have made it abundantly clear that CAFTA and the McKennedy amnesty bill are parts of a larger plan to create a new security and economic block between the US, Canada, and most of Central America. One major obstacle to this plan is that a super majority of Americans oppose these plans!

    American citizens of all races, genders, and political affiliations must unite and engage our politicians that are being lobbied by the Political Action Committees of Global corporations to sell out the American public. This will be a true test of “We The People� Vs. elite global financial and political interests.

    Both bills seek to establish an “orderly� yet “free� flow of people across America’s national borders thus removing our national identity and our sovereignty. Citizens of the entire North American and Central American areas will be able to travel without significant restriction by policies dictated by global corporations.

    Many of ALIPAC’s supporters feel that this unveiled and documented plan would explain why the Bush administration has ordered the US Border Patrol to stand down, cease interior enforcement, and catch and release illegals stopped at the border. In one case, the US Border Patrol was found to be taking illegal crosser to the local bus station to assist their entry into the US.

    Several authors have explained that the impact of NAFTA has created terrible economic conditions in Central and South America that have contributed to the unprecedented wave of impoverished illegal aliens entering the US in the last few years. In the case of CAFTA, both Americans that want their borders secured and illegal aliens share the same opposition. There have been several riots in Latin America in opposition to these trade deals that the US media has not widely reported.

    All allied immigration reform groups, supporters of ALIPAC, and even pro-illegal alien organizations are asked to set our differences aside and unite to oppose CAFTA.

    Members of the public are encouraged to begin contacting members of Congress via phone, visits, faxes, and e-mails demanding that Congress abandon both bills. Letters to the editor should be written and sent immediately. Calls to all talk radio shows that accept callers, even if they are off topic, should be approached.

    President Bush’s approval ratings are dropping fast. He supports both CAFTA and the McKennedy amnesty. The remaining support levels are in the conservative and Republican ranks so the time has come for conservatives to be brave and respectfully point out to others why they do not approve of the Bush administration policies with respect to illegal immigration and these trade deals that threaten our nation.

    History has shown that the lower a US President’s approval ratings among the public are, the less likely he is to get his agenda passed in Congress. Many conservatives admire and respect the President on many levels, but it is time to speak out. Nothing speaks louder than a voter or activist that has supported the President in the past putting their feet down and saying “No� on these issues. This President’s agenda is open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens currently in the US.

    Below you will find access to information about both bills, suggestions on how to go about fighting CAFTA and the McKennedy amnesty (S. 1033 Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act of 2005), and other citizens that will help you with your efforts. Your assistance in this effort is needed immediately. Do not let apathy and inaction bring and end to America as we’ve known it.

    William Gheen President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ALIPAC

    Please help our efforts by directing web traffic through this article on our homepage via email forwards and posts on other forums. ... le&sid=484

    Also, please visit our new lobbying section in the forums to assist.
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    William, it may be on the site somewhere already, but can you list the negatives one by one so that we will have it all in front of us when we call?
    It would make it easier than sifting through an article to get the info.

    If it is already on the site, just let me know where to go.
    Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God

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    I don't know if I listed all the negatives in my email to my rep and senators and I don't know how well I articulated what I wanted to say because it's Friday and my brain seems fried due to lack of sleep and I haven't had time for a phone call, but here's what I wrote:

    I'm urging you to please vote against CAFTA when it comes up for a vote. As you know CAFTA was designed after the disastrous NAFTA trade agreement with Mexico and Canada. It offers no limits on jobs that can be outsourced. It offers no workplace protection rights for workers. This trade agreement will further drive down wages for American workers who are at or below the poverty line because they will have to unfairly compete with third world labor who will work for wages that are unlivable by American standards.

    Contrary to what the spin machine from the Bush administration will tell you, CAFTA is a horrible deal for America. The only people that I see benefiting from this deal are the greedy, corrupt big business types that want to seek ways to find more foreign cheaper labor than what they have at their finger tips that they can exploit. I think these businesses want to drive down the wages as close to zero as possible. Being that CAFTA provides no workplace protection rights, these businesses can get away with not only paying dirt poor wages, but they can get away with not paying these workers health benefits and having some of the worst sanitary conditions on the planet. Think Chinese sweatshop factories. That's what these corporations want to get away with because they know that American workers won't work in those types of environments, but foreign labor is more adept to keeping their mouths shut because they are desperate for money and will do anything to get it.

    As you know NAFTA has been one of the key reasons why America is billions of dollars in trade debt. Agreements like CAFTA allow third world countries to import their products onto our shores for dirt cheap prices, but cause our exported products that we ship onto their shores to be subjected to huge tariffs and taxes.

    Another reason why you should oppose CAFTA is that it will further subject us to more illegal immigration from Latin America. When CAFTA causes Latin Americans to lose their jobs to other countries who's people will do those jobs outsourced for even cheaper wages then what they do, those people will be desperate to come here to find work and will further flood our borders and create an even bigger crisis then what we have now. We'll end up paying more taxes to subsidize those that illegally cross our borders and take our jobs; we'll have a heavier drain on our resources and have more hospitals close due to lack of funds. This deal will not only hurt low income workers, but middle class workers as well when they see their wages decrease due to trade agreements like CAFTA and illegal immigration.

    One final talking point I would like to bring out is that trade deals like this that allow the free flow of goods and people will further erode our sovereignty. The flow of goods and people needs to be limited and regulated. Having an unlimited flow of goods and people will adversely affect the culture, climate and standard of living this country is use to having. I fear having an unlimited amount of foreigners coming into this country, especially from the third world will drain our resources, bankrupt our nation and overpopulate our country to the point where we will become like China where we have too many people and not enough living space, resources or funds to deal with it. I'm not anti immigrant. I'm all for immigration. I just want it to be legal, regulated and controlled. I think deals like this will further make immigration out of control. We don't have any control of our borders right now and this deal will make it even worse. I think we should get control of our borders before we even remotely think about any guest worker type deals like this. Please make securing our borders and getting the immigration numbers under control your first priority before we talk about guest workers and trade deals like this one.

    Let’s start putting the American people first before politics, profit and what big business wants. I'm not anti business to the point where we should slap a bunch of pointless and unnecessary regulations on them, but I'm not so pro business where I think it is now where they dictate US policy to the point where they can sell our country and it's sovereignty out just to make a few quick dollars.

    I hope you will stand up for American workers and oppose this awful piece of legislation. Send a message to the Bush administration that our country, it's sovereignty and it's people are to be taken seriously, not to be subjected or sold out to the wants, desires and greed of corporate America. I'm depending on you to do the right thing and I will keep your vote in mind when I go to the polls in November of 2006. Thanks for your time.
    Please support our fight against illegal immigration by joining ALIPAC's email alerts here

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    Been there and seen that!

    I have been to ALL of the Central American nations and the Dominican Republic. CAFTA can only help those countries and further hurt the USA!
    Those nation are so dirt poor, except Costa Rica and Panama to an extent,
    they have everything to gain! The USA will lose long term! You will get a 5 lb bag of suger for a $1 cheapeer and that is about it!

    The jobs created in those countries when multi US nationals close more plants here in the USA will not pay enough to keep ILLEGAL immigrants from running to the US. This includes Dominicans who DIE trying to get to Puerto Rico (US territory mind you!) on flimsy boats that capsize! Environmental protections are slim in CA so these companies will pollute.

    IT ISNT FAIR TRADE AND THIS IS THE PROBLEM! IT IS A BIG LIE! A way for a rich industrialist to fatten his or her pocket book!

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