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Thread: ALIPAC Rules for Discussion Groups Area

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    ALIPAC Rules for Discussion Groups Area

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC believes that a well defined set of rules and suggestions will make participation more enjoyable. We support free speech and encourage debate, however we expect all users to read, remember, and follow these rules.


    All ALIPAC board managers should send you a PM "Private Message" explaining why they have edited or pulled one of your posts.

    If you do not feel that this ruling is fair you may contact the screen name ALIPAC to request a formal meeting of all ALIPAC Moderators to review your case in private. Do not question moderator actions on the open boards until you have tried to resolve your question via Private Message.

    Those that break our board rules may be warned, temporarily suspended, or permanently banned. No participant that has been active with ALIPAC with over 300 posts and three months of participation will be banned without a full meeting and vote of the the ALIPAC Moderators.

    Please read these rules carefully and when in doubt, ask a moderator first.


    1. Language & hatred: No obscene language or racially derogatory comments are allowed. This includes symbols that stand for profanity used to replace letters in profane words. (!&^#*#)

    When in doubt ask a moderator or check the FCC guidelines on language. Terms that are considered racially derogatory are prohibited regardless of intent or usage. The goal here is to inform and discuss, not to offend. If your motivations are racist, we suggest you find another forum.

    ALIPAC enjoys the support of Americans from many different racial and ethnic backgrounds. We are Americans United to fight illegal immigration. Our boards are open to all that share our cause.



    2. Conflicts: No personal attacks, threatening language, or personal information on the board. Calling other users names or attacking others will not be tolerated. Don't call other users names or apply labels to them that you can't substantiate (See Bayourod). Any information about private citizens or your personal info should not be placed on the open forum.

    NO VIOLENT LANGUAGE ALLOWED, NO GUN/WEAPONS TALK or AVATARS No discussion of insurrection or Civil War caused by Americans.

    3. Avatars: Avatars are encouraged, please keep them tasteful and clean. Avatars must be 200 by 200 pixels or less. Contact the admin if you need help with your avatar.

    4. Articles & Announcements: Please check the ALIPAC homepage and archives before placing article in the member news section. Please post articles and announcements in the forum instead of e-mailing them to officers unless you have a question about the material. Always include your source and a link to the original material since some of your posts may be selected for inclusion on our home page. A link to member news will be posted on our homepage shortly.

    5. Copyrights: The articles placed within this site are covered by the Fair Use Act and are being archived for educational purposes by individual activists and a non-profit organization. These articles are part of our free political speech.

    6. Disclaimer: ALIPAC is not responsible for the content of posts, comments, articles, and links to other organizations. Posting here does not imply endorsement or support. Posts from the public here are NOT organizational statements or the positions of ALIPAC. Official ALIPAC organizational positions and statements are found on the main at

    7. Suggestions: We encourage our users to provide feedback and comments on our board and rules. Upgrades and improvements will be continually considered and initiated.

    8. Passwords & Accounts: User names and passwords are case sensitive. Please contact an administrator for help with your account if you have trouble logging in. We reserve the right to ban or suspend any users without warning. That being said, we will always strive to communicate with our members, provide a clear set of guidelines, warn users and explain our decisions when possible.

    9. ALIPAC website users are encouraged to seek out like minded Internet users and invite them to the site. Members are also encouraged to establish links on other sites that point at our homepage or link into articles here. Your efforts to bring others into our effort and direct traffic to this site is essential to our success.

    10. When in doubt, practice the Golden Rule.

    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    Handling of latest on Candidates

    I appreciate what I think is a fair report on each candidate. Simply put; I like how Alipac moderates the threads and overall how they present the facts about each one that is running for President! good job Alipac...... I have forums and I know how difficult it can be. Thanks!
    Take America back! Pray for our troups! Secure Borders

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    Re: Accidental double posting

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnDoe2
    Ooooops. I posted some news articles before I read all of the rules and accidentally broke some of the rules on my first day posting here before I could figure out what I was doing. Somehow I accidentally double posted an article one right after another and before I could figure out how to fix that, by deleting one of them, someone deleted one and locked the other one without explaining to me how I could fix it. I think it would have been nice if they would have helped me figure out how to fix it myself.
    HI John:

    I PM'd you several times but perhaps your profile settings have not been set to receive the PM notice in your email. If you could check your profile at the top of the page, make sure that "Notify on new Private Message:" is clicked on "yes". I've noticed that you are really get the hang of it and a lot less duplicates. I did PM you but perhaps you've never noticed them. If you have any questions that aren't answered in the rules, please PM an administrator or moderator. We will be happy to help.

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    I agree with the rules. That's the way it should be. But let me tell you I have been on many, many talk forums about illegal immigration and sometimes you can't get your point across because the very mention of any kind of behavior that you feel is offensive by anyone of another race has automatically come back by many people as charging you with racism.
    I don't feel that when you complain about people who do things that you strongly disagree with is racism. Anymore than if people were to say that they don't like the way I do something as a White person that they are automatically racially profiling me. I have a hard time comprehending this. For example, in Arizona, if the police pull someone of Hispanic descent over in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood(where do you pull them over?)for a traffic violation it is automatically racial profiling from the pro-illegal crowd.
    I don't see how anthing can ever be accomplished if this is the way things are always going to be. This double standard that is prevalent. This is why, among the many thousands of other reasons, and by virtue of simply the law of the land, I can't tolerate the idea of illegal immigration so loosely and non-chalantly dealt with by Congress and supported by otherwise law abiding citizens, especially businesses and Corporate America, who feel that it is not a crime.
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    Many illegal immigrants, it has been finding comfortably facilities in defrauding bank system, like loans, cards of credits, taking away drive - license, and using social false segurity. Brazilians with Grenn-card, and it has been making easy his enterprises, small or middle to ask Grenn-card, and still to use documentation, and lies for visas extension. Have been arranged, forged marriages and it has been deceived many Americans by Brazilian women. In New Jersey, precisely Newark, there is an immense concentration of Brazilian immigrants, being which countless Brazilians, work in nearby cities like Adam's apple-bar, prostitution, and still other Brazilians, they earn money, doing the transport for nightclubs or Adam's apple-bar.

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    I thought there was a rule that required the posting of the source link to be after the article, not before it. Was I wrong? I can't find it now.

    The only reason I'm asking is because I've noticed a lot of inconsistency in where the source links are being posted. Thank you.

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" ** Edmund Burke**

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    Quote Originally Posted by MW
    I thought there was a rule that required the posting of the source link to be after the article, not before it. Was I wrong? I can't find it now.

    The only reason I'm asking is because I've noticed a lot of inconsistency in where the source links are being posted. Thank you.
    No you are correct.

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    Illegal alien drunk driver

    We had an EMT killed by an illegal alien drunk driver and the highly biased LDS church owned Deseret News won't report that he is illegal. We need to bring attention to this.

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    corporate america

    Is anyone but me wondering why, after congress failed to raise taxes that the world economy is in trouble. Do you suppose that the American tax payer was supposed to bail out Europe?
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