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Thread: Amnesty Activists Target Auto Shop for Supporting Pro-Trump Sheriff

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    Amnesty Activists Target Auto Shop for Supporting Pro-Trump Sheriff

    15 Aug 2016

    Pro-amnesty activists led by the former chairman of La Raza and the director of the Puente Movement organized a boycott in front of a local Arizona tire store after they posted signage supporting pro-Donald Trump Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is running for re-election.

    Daniel Ortega, who previously chaired the board of directors for the controversial pro-amnesty organization, La Raza, fronted the protests outside a Discount Tire store in the area, simply because the business posted a sign supporting Arpaio.

    Ortega said the support for Arpaio by the local tire store was a “slap in the face” to the Hispanic community, according to NBC News.

    “The owners of Discount Tire have the right to support who they want, but to display their support understanding what Sheriff Arpaio has done to our community is totally insensitive and inconsiderate,” Ortega said.

    “How can you ignore what Sheriff Joe Arpaio has done to our community and still expect us to do business there?” Ortega added.

    Ortega said he hoped the boycott would silence businesses from publicly supporting Arpaio, saying he wants the “backlash” to send a “message to other businesses where Latinos spend their dollars about how to deal with their politics in the future.”

    Also fronting the boycott was Carlos Garcia, the director of the Puente Movement, which advocates for amnesty and ending all deportations of illegal immigrants in the country.

    Garcia said the Discount Tire store has chosen to “campaign for hate,” by merely supporting Arpaio in the county’s sheriff’s race, according to KPNX.

    Garcia threatened that the Puente organization would not support the store any longer because it “funds and supports a candidate that is synonymous with racism and hate towards our people.”

    The Puente organization also decried what they claim are “racist policies” supported by Arpaio which targets illegal immigration from not only a state level, but through local initiatives.

    Arpaio famously endorsed GOP nominee Donald Trump in the 2016 Republican presidential primary, citing that his policies of building a Southern border wall for states on the border with Mexico and his efforts to end illegal immigration flooding into the country.

    During the Republican National Convention (RNC) last month, Arpaio said his “most important mission is to elect Donald Trump.”

    “We are more concerned with the rights of illegal immigrants than we are the citizens of our own country,” Arpaio said with resounding applause from the RNC crowd.
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    These are nothing but hate crimes and they need to all be arrested. It is against the law to harass because of their beliefs, freedom of speech, religion etc. Arrest them this is all getting out of hand.

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    All across the nation we are reaping the results of three plus decades of ignoring illegal immigration, of not having our borders secured as promised, of foreigners who will not assimilate but who say we must succumb to their demands. We have these organizations and groups that will threaten us, bankrupt us, steal from us as we stand for the rule of law.

    Amnesty under President Reagan should never have occurred. Nothing good has come from it and so much bad has resulted. The children and grandchildren have little if any respect for the taxpayers and the nation that has given so much. They feel entitled.
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    Reagan Amnesty was one of the worst decisions by a President of the United States possibly superseding Lyndon Johnson's escalation of the War in Vietnam and George Bush's decision to invade Iraq on a lie.

    Reagan Amnesty laid the groundwork for all of the bad immigration decisions that followed by other Presidents and even laid the base for NAFTA. After all, it was Reagan's VP who became President who negotiated the NAFTA agreement, that then Bill Clinton signed into law.

    I think it's time Republicans wake up and face the fact that the last really great President of the United States who put Americans First was Richard Nixon. To all black Americans, who may not know this important fact, it was Richard Nixon who desegregated the South. Oh yes, you want to believe the LIE about Nixon's "southern strategy", go ahead, but it is a LIE.

    It was Richard Nixon who quietly and forcefully told the South if they didn't comply with the Brown vs Board of Education Supreme Court Ruling, which had been unenforced for 20 years, he would send federal troops into the South to force compliance. He told all the Governors in a meeting, you can do this the easy way or the hard way, either way, I'm enforcing the law. The Governors all decided to do it the easy way, on their own, and that's what they did. There were issues, there were adjustment problems, busing issues and all of that, did they do it the best possible way? Well, probably not, but they got it done, and even though it hasn't solved all the problems in education, it established the federal law of equality for black Americans that gave them the chance for equality in education.

    A lot of Americans may also not know that Richard Nixon established EPA to protect our environment and OSHA to protect our workers. Of course both agencies have run wild in the decades since, and need a major re-vamp, but without these important agencies life would not be healthy and our work places would not be safe for Americans.

    Richard Nixon was unfairly reported on and actually vilified by the press. Historians haven't bothered to write the truth about him or his Presidency, choosing for the more popular tactic of false vilification instead of the truth, because of Watergate.

    It's a shame, really, that Reagan gets so much attention and Nixon gets none, when Nixon did so much more for our nation than Reagan did. Reagan was a great communicator, Nixon not so much, and that's the main reason for Reagan's popularity. Reagan also did a great thing with the USSR, and to me that is his best legacy.

    Back to topic, I hope black Americans will step out of the Democrat line and give Donald Trump a fair hearing before they vote. Donald Trump is not a racist, he is not a bigot, he is not a misogynist. He doesn't have a racist bone in his body. He wants to represent, speak for and help ALL AMERICANS, especially black Americans suffering in ghettos and blighted areas in our inner cities and throughout our land. He talks about black unemployment and poverty in almost every speech.

    Attend one of his Rallies or if you can't attend one, watch his Rally Speeches on Live Stream. Go to and click on schedule which shows where his rallies are going to be, then google for Trump Rally Live Stream at the location and date listed, you'll have several live stream options to choose from. They are also recorded so you can watch them any time when it's convenient for you.

    Just listen to him in his own words. You'll like what you hear, I promise. And he means it. He's not running for President because he needs a job, he's not running for President to make a name for himself, he's running for President solely to help US citizens fix our country to benefit ALL AMERICANS.
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