Today is the day. If you only do one thing this year to stop illegal immigration, call your Senators TODAY. Your phone call could be the one that stops the amnesty.

Phone your Senators today and tell them to oppose any immigration provisions in the Iraq Supplemental spending bill.


Senate Expected To Vote on Amnesty on Wednesday

In a somewhat unexpected move, the Senate began debate on the Iraq Supplemental Spending bill late in the day on Tuesday. As I write this, the Senate is still in general debate on the Iraq Supplemental (which is actually more like a mini omnibus bill). Senator Byrd (D-WV) filed three substitution amendments Monday night to H.R. 2642 (to replace all the House language in three parts). This is a similar tactic the House used during debate on their version of the Iraq supplemental bill last week: divide the bill in three to give cover to the different party constituencies. The AgJOBS language is in the first amendment (SA 4786). The Senate is not likely to get through general debate tonight, but could make it to the first amendment sometime tomorrow.

In short, this means the AgJOBS amnesty could come up for debate as early as Wednesday morning.

At this point, it is best not to get bogged down in the legislative details (because things are changing rapidly and many procedural moves are occurring). Instead, we are recommending you keep your message simple and to the point. Simply state something like the following: