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Thread: Angel Moms React to Donald Trump’s Inauguration: ‘Build That Wall!’

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    Angel Moms React to Donald Trump’s Inauguration: ‘Build That Wall!’

    20 Jan 2017

    Americans who lost loved ones to illegal alien crime cheered President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, telling Breitbart News they hope he begins construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall quickly.

    “It’s incredible,” said one woman whose brother was killed by an illegal alien. “It’s unreal. I’m so happy, so happy, and excited and can’t wait for him to become our president tomorrow.”

    Asked by Breitbart News’ Washington political editor Matt Boyle what she wants to see done on Day One of Trump’s presidency, she said: “Build that wall! Build that wall, stop illegal immigration. Keep American families from being killed by illegal immigrants.”

    Dan Golvach, whose son, Spencer, was killed by a previously-deported illegal alien, told Trump to stick to his guns.

    “Keep being yourself,” Golvach said. “No other candidates that were in this race reached out to us. He did. He treated us like family. He knows us by name.”

    “We’ve all seen him when the cameras aren’t on,” he continued. “And he’s sincere. He’s a great man. Full of energy. And I think that if anybody can turn this country around, the way it needs to be, it’s Donald Trump.”

    Agnes Gibboney, a legal immigrant whose son Ronald da Silva was murdered in 2002 by an illegal alien, said Trump’s promises to enforce immigration meant a great deal.

    “It means a lot. Not only to me, so I wouldn’t lose another loved one, but to everybody in this country,” she said. “We need to secure our borders, enforce our laws. We need to do what’s right.”
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    I hope President Trump keeps these families and the American people in mind each day as he works to secure the borders and to start enforcing immigration laws. We should limit legal immigration for the most part to those who love us, to those who are educated, those who have something to contribute, those who can speak English, those who respect the rule of law. If you want to come, learn the language and assimilate.

    The Angel Moms and the fathers and families have given so much. Many Americans have been hurt by illegal aliens in a variety of ways.
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    He mentioned in his speech today that we secure and defend other countries borders but not our own.

    I hope that message means he plans on deploying troops down to that border immediately and they stay there as long as it takes to stop every one of them from stepping foot on our soil. Get that Wall built.

    That means no more catch and release, no more sob stories, no asylum, no refugees and no illegal entry. Turn them right back around.

    No papers, no entry, no rights, no detention, no judge, no lawyer, no anchor baby, no medical, no school, no job.

    They came through Mexico and they can go right back through matter their Country of Origin.

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    Finally Fox News mentions Melania and her beautiful dress and coat. They also mentioned what someone else had reported about Jackie Kennedy also wearing Blue on Inauguration Day, a dress designed by Cassini. Martha McCallum was worried about Melania walking down the Capitol steps in her high heels but Melania just now is walking down them in total grace and ease. Oh wow, that jacket coat over her dress is just spectacular. I think that wrap jacket big graceful cowl-neck style collar is going to be hit and you'll see that idea in a new line for the department stores. Gorgeous.

    Oh goodness, what a wonderful glorious lovely day, my dear friends. So nice to be able to share it with you!

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