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Thread: Angela Merkel smears ordinary people as xenophobes and Nazis September 13, 2018 A rio

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    Angela Merkel smears ordinary people as xenophobes and Nazis September 13, 2018 A rio

    Angela Merkel smears ordinary people as xenophobes and Nazis

    A riot by Nazis and "soccer hooligans" blamed on the opposition to her immigration policies.

    September 13, 2018

    Angela Merkel smears ordinary people as xenophobes and Nazis

    By Rick Moran

    What's the best way to blunt the effectiveness of the political opposition?
    In the case of German chancellor Angela Merkel, it's smearing ordinary people for protesting the murder of an innocent German by two Afghan refugees.
    It happened in the city of Chemnitz as two Afghan refugees murdered a German citizen in a knife attack two weeks ago. The resulting demonstration against the chancellor's immigration policies brought thousands into the street – including some far-right Nazi sympathizers.
    Merkel saw an opportunity to smear the entire Alliance for Germany political party when she condemned the entire demonstration.
    "There is no excuse or reason for hunting people down, using violence and Nazi slogans, showing hostility to people who look different, who have a Jewish restaurant, for attacks on police officers," Merkel told the Bundestag.
    "We will not allow whole groups in our society to be quietly excluded," she said, adding that Jews, Muslims, Christians and atheists all belong in German society, and stressing that human dignity was paramount.
    Before Merkel took the podium, the head of the AfD group in the Bundestag said Germany's "domestic peace" was at risk.
    "As disgusting as Hitler salutes are, I would like to remind you that the really serious event in Chemnitz was the bloody deed (committed) by two asylum seekers," said Alexander Gauland.
    Funny how that slipped Merkel's mind when she was calling ordinary people demonstrating against her flawed policies "Nazis."
    The AfD, some of whose members joined right-wing militants in the Chemnitz marches, is the third biggest party in Germany. Its lawmakers' presence in parliament, which they entered after the 2017 election, has generated a more confrontational climate.
    Senior Social Democrat Johannes Kahrs launched a verbal attack on the AfD: "Right wing radicals in parliament are unsavory. Hate makes you ugly – look in the mirror!"
    At that, all AfD deputies stood up and left the chamber. In a statement, the party said Kahrs had compared them to Nazis and described his insults as "unacceptable".
    There is no doubt that some far-right "militants," as Reuters calls them, took part in that demonstration in Chemnitz. But the portrayal of mobs of neo-Nazis attacking foreigners was questioned by Hans-Georg Maassen, the head of Germany's domestic intelligence agency (BfV). He made the comment that a video that appears to show a few right-wing idiots accosting a single man of Middle Eastern descent might have been faked.
    Deutsche Welle looked into that charge:
    What does the video show? In the video, a group of protesters can be seen ganging up on a man with black hair, shouting xenophobic remarks, such as "You're not welcome here!" and "What's the matter, you Kanaks?" (A German derogatory term for people with a supposedly southern or Middle Eastern appearance). Just before the video ends, one of the mob members attempts to swing a kick before the victim runs away.
    Another person in the mob then turns toward the camera, revealing his t-shirt with the right-wing slogan "Tradition, not Invasion," emblazoned on it.
    That's a "Nazi slogan"? Sheesh.
    The newspaper concluded that the attacks were real, not faked. But here's a description of the protest that suggests that both sides were engaged in violence.
    The first protest was an Alternative for Germany demonstration in the afternoon, a small rally of about 100 people, to encourage the government to be stricter on immigration, which finished without any violence.
    In the evening, another protest began, this one organised by football hooligans belonging to the right-wing "Kaotic Chemnitz" over social media. This protest became violent, and the group also incited individuals to attack and harass foreign people and people who looked non-German. The rioters attacked police officers who were deployed to calm the protests. There were also more demonstrations announced by both leftist and right-wing groups.
    The riots and protests continued into the next day, with the right-wing populist group "Pro Chemnitz" organising a large protest. This was initially 800 people gathered at the city's iconic Karl Marx monument, Deutsche Welle reports that this group quickly became thousands, and grew less peaceful, police counted up to 6,000 protesters. As this group grew, the counter-protest began on the other side of the square, with about 1,500 people. Initially, the two main protesting groups were a short distance from each other facing off, with a riot police line of 600 officers between them.
    The protests became violent at around 9pm local time on Monday 27 August, when the far-right protesters began to actively demonstrate and move. Masked protesters from both sides began to throw solid objects and fireworks, with some right-wing protesters also performing the Nazi salute. At least twenty people were injured. An extensive police force equipped with water cannons was deployed and a second set of demonstrators belonging to the far left were kept at a distance by police. The rioters had reportedly simmered down by Tuesday morning, but far-right groups encouraged people to continue protesting.
    So the initial protest by AfD members was peaceful and orderly. It wasn't until "soccer hooligans" and neo-Nazis began to demonstrate that there was a violent confrontation with counter-protesters – probably Antifa or its allies.
    Merkel smeared thousands of ordinary Germans and an entire political party to defend her indefensible immigration policies and attack the opposition as Nazis.
    This is what passes for politics in Germany under Merkel.

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    It's tragic that Lefties, DemoQuacks, Euro Socialists and Never Trumpers have so misused the term "Nazi" that it no longer has any meaning when it should have eternal meaning referring to a specific group of people who started a WW killing tens of millions in war battles and exterminated 6 million people because of their religion.
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    Merkel Melts Down After Thousands Of Germans Protest Violent Migrants

    "there is no excuse or explanation for rabble-rousing, in some cases the use of violence, Nazi slogans, hostility towards people who look different"

    Fri, 09/14/2018 - 02:45

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel was heckled as she condemned thousands of right-wing protesters in eastern Germany, who took to the streats after the deadly stabbing of a 22-year-old German man at the hands of two Afghan nationals in the town of Chemnitz.

    The German chancellor was heckled during a lively Bundestag debate by the head of the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany party (AfD), Alexander Gauland
    , who accused her of dividing Germany with her immigration policy, endangering peace and spreading fake news by supporting controversial evidence that far-right protesters were hounding foreigners through the streets. -Guardian

    Merkel shot back, acknowledging the anger felt over the stabbing - however she said that "there is no excuse or explanation for rabble-rousing, in some cases the use of violence, Nazi slogans, hostility towards people who look different, to the owner of a Jewish restaurant, attacking police."
    She also responded to comments made by the head of Germany's BfV domestic intelligence agency, Hans-Georg Maaßen, who criticized her spokesman for characterizing the anti-immigrant protesters as "hunting" immigrants.
    Gauland accused Merkel of "spreading fake news when your spokesman spoke of ‘Hetzjagd' (hunting)," adding "The truth is, there was no hunting down of people in Chemnitz."
    Merkel shot back: "Abstract rows about ‘Hetzjagd’ are not helpful."
    Gauland came under fire for his comments;
    In an interruption to Gauland, allowed under the rules of Bundestag discourse, Martin Schulz, the former leader of the Social Democrats, referred to him as “belonging to the dungheap of German history” over what he saw as the AfD’s contribution to the spread of anti-immigrant sentiment. -Guardian
    Meanwhile, Maaßen faced questioning Wednesday by Germany's interior affairs committee over public remarks he gave to a newspaper in which he questioned the veracity of a video which allegedly depicts protesters chasing foreigners. A police report from the night in question emerged on Wednesday, claiming that "right-wing extremists" did in fact chase foreigners through the streests.
    According to the document, leaked to an investigative journalism program, several officers on scene during the protest reported witnessing an increasing number of hooligans arriving in the city. At approximately 9:42 p.m., officers reported that "masked persons (right-wing) are looking for foreigners," and that at 9:47 p.m. "20 to 30 masked persons armed with stones" were reported to be "heading towards Brühl, to the Schalom restaurant."
    As referred to by Merkel in her speech, the Jewish restaurant was attacked, a window was smashed and its owner, Uwe Dziuballa, was injured after being hit by a stone. Masked men shouted at him: “Clear out of Germany, you Jew-pig.
    The programme, Frontal 21, revealed that one of the men in the video at the centre of the controversy had worked as a security guard at a refugee shelter in Chemnitz, but that his employer, Securitas, had sacked him with immediate effect after his identity was made known to the company. The man is said to be appealing his dismissal.
    On Wednesday, Wolfgang Schäuble, the president of the Bundestag, appeared on national radio to defend Merkel's decision in the summer of 2015 to allow nearly 1 million refugees into Germany - denying that it had been a mistake, and insisting that Germany had responded to an urgent humanitarian crisis by accepting refugees who needed help.
    "But what we didn’t manage well enough was to prevent the impression the whole world was under: that now everyone, anywhere, who was living somewhere worse than Germany, could come. That’s what you always have to consider in politics, the impact of your communication," he said.

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    She should go give her speech in the middle of the "No Go Zones"!!!

    Drop her off and leave her in there!

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