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    Ann Coulter accepts Paul Ryan's Amnesty Debate Challenge

    From her twitter feed:

    Ann Coulter@AnnCoulter8h
    Paul Ryan says he'll debate anyone who says Rubio's bill is "amnesty." I accept! Let's go! Video here:

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    This I would love to see.
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    Tear his A@@ to Shreds Ann; Expose these people in front of the 36 - 42 Million American that are Un-employed / Under-Employed. Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, African Americans, Caucasian Americans, that are ALL looking for work. Lets hear how Amnesty will benefit the 47 Million People on Food Stamps or the Millions of AMERICANS that have lost their homes because they cant find suitable work to pay for their mortgage and will now have to compete with Illegal Aliens for work AT Much Lower Wages. I want to hear these Cretans explain why mom and dad cant find work to put foot in their children's belly and it will benefit the American Family with another Broke Ass Plan. I am SICK of both the Left and the Right; the Left want the Illegal Alien Votes and the Right wants the Cheap Labor... both of which destroys AMERICA. So America; who really has the Democrats, The Republicans, the Independent Americans best Interest at heart; it isn't the Left OR the Right.... Paul Ryan better understand that Congress only has a 10 Percent Approval Rating as it is, so his Credibility is Already Lacking Badly ...Please Televise this and spread it wide as ALL of the AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE PISSED and need to see who is screwing them; if Paul Ryan wants to be the Scape Goat for a Bad Bill the Democrats want; then let him feel the heat from ALL Sides
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