Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar says he'd vote to defund Obama's executive actions on immigration

Updated 3 hrs ago

Republican Congressman Paul Gosar has a lot to say about President Obama.

Gosar appeared at Lake Havasu City’s Makai Café Monday to take questions from voters, business owners and city officials over coffee and muffins. Early in the meeting, Gosar fielded questions about the possible impeachment of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, if she’s elected. While the proposals lack sufficient traction, the President drew his share of criticism from Gosar.

Gosar said he wants to defund any executive actions Obama might take on immigration policies, and to terminate amnesty for undocumented Central American immigrants. Cruz also plans to join an initiative that would fully fund the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program, which would require the federal government to reimburse states for the cost of detaining undocumented immigrants.

A mass-exodus of Central American immigrants – the majority of whom were women and children – began entering the U.S. illegally in 2014. They fled threats and violent conditions in their home countries, and were lured to the U.S. by smugglers with false promises of amnesty, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement reports.

Gosar and a handful of other U.S. congressmen, including outspoken conservative New Mexico representative Steve Pearce, traveled to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador in 2014 to find the root of the problem.

The congressman said that while the aforementioned Central American countries have constitutions of their own, the executives of those countries failed to provide equal application of the law. “Their executives allowed the cartels to extort people out of their homes. There was no equal application of the law. It’s all about the rule of law.”

Gosar said that he and the U.S. Congress are working for the country, to represent the constitution, and to maintain the framework of the government. Preventing Obama from enforcing executive actions in defiance of Congress was necessary.

Gosar threw his support behind Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who he said intends to eliminate executive orders entirely. “He’ll get rid of executive orders from both sides, and make everyone else do their jobs,” Gosar said. “Ted will not violate the constitution – he’ll listen, he’ll wait to speak, and he’ll respond and make his own points.”

The Congressman also said that he supports Sen. Mitch McConnell’s call to block any attempt by Obama to appoint a supreme court justice, following a precedent set more than a century ago.

“The precedent is already there,” Gosar said. “I’m fully behind Senator McConnell – to keep the supreme court from having a new member during the lame duck session. I agree with him that we should let the voters decide.”