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Thread: Arizona unions show support for immigration reform

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    Arizona unions show support for immigration reform

    Union like all of tose dues paying members that are looking for yet another entity to "take care" of them and are already programed for socialism. JMO
    Arizona unions show support for immigration reform

    About 200 people stage rally at state Capitol


    By Alia Beard RauThe Republic | azcentral.comMon Mar 11, 2013 11:14 PM

    Arizona’s labor unions are putting their weight behind comprehensive immigration reform, and they made their position loud and clear during a rally at the state Capitol on Monday.

    About 200 union members, supporters, student activists and Democratic leaders gathered in support of a federal proposal that includes a path to citizenship. Union leaders said the labor movement and immigration rights go hand in hand.

    “We’re both fighting for the American dream,” said Emmanuel Gallardo, a front-desk agent at the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown hotel and a local union member. “And I strongly believe that as a labor movement, if we come together to support comprehensive immigration reform, we can pass it.”

    U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva, D-Ariz., spoke to the group, saying immigration reform needs to happen this year.

    “Those of us from Arizona ... understand it will be tough,” he said. “But we also understand how important it is.”

    Phoenix was the last of 20 cities where labor unions held rallies. Participants urged Arizona lawmakers to oppose several bills that limit labor activities, and they called on federal lawmakers to deal with immigration.

    The Arizona Legislature has been at the forefront of the immigration debate in the past, particularly with the 2010 passage of Senate Bill 1070.

    But this year, local lawmakers have left the issue to national leaders.

    The handful of state bills addressing immigration, including one that would have made it a crime for an illegal immigrant to use a public resource such as a school or sidewalk, have so far gone nowhere.

    Meanwhile, a bipartisan group of U.S. senators, including Arizona Republicans John McCain and Jeff Flake, are working on a reform bill that includes a path to citizenship contingent on a secure border. They hope to introduce it late this month or in early April.

    Their work has mobilized supporters and opponents, both of whom are planning to flood lawmakers with calls and e-mails and to stage demonstrations.

    Immigration-rights activist Petra Falcon of Promise Arizona said federal immigration reform would benefit Arizona economically.

    “If Arizona hopes to get people back on track, it needs our people to return,” she said. “Who else will build houses, harvest crops? And who will develop the next Intel or Google?”

    Larry Cohen, national president of the Communication Workers of America, dismissed criticism that a pathway to citizenship for immigrants is equal to amnesty.

    He said immigration reform would help ensure all workers are fairly paid.

    “People know how to work for low pay. They’ve done it for years,” Cohen said. “We need a path to the American dream.”
    Robert Anderson of Litchfield Park, a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 266, said labor and immigration leaders need to work together to benefit everyone.

    “We need to make union members of these immigrants,” he said. “If we can get them organized, we can cut out these low-wage jobs.”

    He said he believes that the labor groups have the influence to make a difference in this issue.

    National leaders are pushing local members to flood their members of Congress with calls supporting reform and to promise to use their influence in upcoming elections.

    “Informing the local membership is first, and then they can inform their families and friends and neighbors,” Anderson said.
    Michael Samuel of Phoenix, a member of the Teamsters Local 104, agreed.

    “America needs to be better informed,” he said. “Do your own research. Stop listening to the talking heads. This is an issue of fairness.”

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    Seeing a lot of union support articles lately, obviously a big organized push is being conducted.
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    Union dues equal political power.

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