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    Armed Cartel Smuggling Illegal Immigrants via Bus to Texas Border

    19 Aug 2016

    REYNOSA, Tamaulipas — A leaked video taken by citizen journalists revealed the way cartel gunmen board passenger buses in order control the flow of illegal immigrants to the Texas border.

    The video was recently taken on board a passenger bus traveling from the border city of Reynosa to Miguel Aleman, along the highway known as La Ribereña. That highway is considered to be one of the most prized properties of the Gulf Cartel since it gives them direct access to the Rio Grande. What makes the region even more prized to the cartel is the lack of physical barriers and the lack of manpower patrolling the area that gives drug and human smugglers easy access into Texas.

    (video, to view click on source link)

    In the video, a young man is seen calling on a phone to his bosses after having exchanged words with a passenger. A large man in a white t-shirt with a rifle across his shoulder boards the bus and questions the the passenger.

    The passenger claims to be headed to Miguel Aleman but the gunman asks for a keyword and tells him that all travel arrangements must be made in Reynosa. The passenger is ordered to call whoever made the travel arrangements. The video then cuts off without revealing what happened to the passenger. What the video does reveal is the impunity with which the Gulf Cartel is able to operate despite the ongoing presence of military personnel and police forces on the Mexican side of the border.

    The lawlessness represented by the way the Gulf Cartel set up a roadblock and boarded the bus revealed that the many assurances routinely given by the Mexican government as to the highways in Tamaulipas being safe are completely false. Mexican law enforcement sources consulted by Breitbart Texas revealed that the Gulf Cartel continues to control the flow of illegal immigrants from the Mexican border into Texas. Independent human smugglers are not able to operate in the Gulf Cartel’s territory and if they do they risk fatal consequences.

    In order for an illegal alien to get to the northern Mexican border they have to have made prior arrangements and payment with cartel members in Reynosa, law enforcement officials revealed. As seen in the video, the illegal immigrant is then given a keyword granting him passage to Miguel Aleman, the current hotspot for human smuggling.
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    The drug cartels are behind illegal immigration. Absolutely 100%. The research, facts, and common sense prove this beyond any doubt, so anyone who supports illegal aliens who have entered illegally are sponsored by the cartels, funded by the cartels, controlled by the cartels, and yes either work for or aid and abet the cartels and that includes politicians.

    Anyone who thinks or believes that politicians falling for these "sob stories" cares a hoot about these people is naive. All they care about is lining their pockets with their share of the drug money. No doubt about it. If these same politicians gave a hoot about poor people or those struggling for a better life, they would have helped poor Americans struggling for a better life and they haven't.

    Donald Trump is the first candidate in 48 years to say anything about helping poor Americans, especially those suffering in our inner cities.

    And that's just a fact.

    So, to truly end illegal immigration into the US, we need to end the War on Drugs, legalize the trade within the US, regulate it, tax it under the FairTax, and use part of the taxes only drug users pay to fund better education of the real risks and consequences of using drugs and provide free rehab on demand for anyone who wants or needs it. It should be run A to Z by licensed US CITIZENS ONLY, and be a DOMESTIC ONLY trade, no imports, no exports, to avoid any international influence or complications. This will shut down the foreign cartels, bankrupt them in a month and end the primary reason for illegal immigration into the United States.
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