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    Arpaio Message to Mexican President Calderone, Obama

    Sheriff Arpaio to Mexican President Calderone and Obama:" Stay out of our business"
    May 19, 3:45 PM Phoenix Conservative Examiner Gil Guignat

    Not only does the Federal government and California have identical immigration laws as Arizona, but Mexico has far harsher and brutal immigration laws than Arizona. Here first is what Sheriff Arpaio had to say about Calderone and Obama's meeting today on immigration. (please view video at the source link)

    What is it with these countries or states that reserve the right to have identical laws as Arizona but that demand that Arizona does not have the right to these laws to defend itself? What could they possibly be thinking. If you have ever travelled to Mexico you will know that gringos are regularly stopped and asked for their papers simply because of how they look. Why can Mexico be allowed to racially profile and then criticize Arizona which does not even have that in its laws? Mexico, California and the Feds have accused Arizona of being the bad guy, when they themselves are doing the exact same thing if not worse by having mirror image laws on their books?

    The Mexican government has just issued a travel advisory informing its citizens to be wary of the new Arizona law and that they may be stopped by law enforcement. That is no different then the law in Mexico. Every gringo knows he may be stopped by Mexican police and asked for ID documents? Where is the problem here? why is it that Mexican police can stop a gringo at any time but that Arizona police have no rights to defend its citizens? where is the logic here?
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    God, I love Sheriff Joe!

    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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