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    Arrests of IAs climb in Central and South Texas

    Arrests of illegal immigrants climb in Central and South Texas
    Officials hail success of fugitive squad teams, but critics say numbers don’t tell full story.
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    Juan Castillo

    Immigration enforcement teams who target criminals and fugitives increased their arrests of illegal immigrants more than sevenfold in Central and South Texas during the past fiscal year, the majority in metropolitan areas including Austin and San Antonio.

    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials who announced the figures last week also said that for the first time since records have been kept, the nation’s fugitive immigrant population is on the decline. Arrests across the country almost doubled as the agency stepped up crackdowns and deployed more enforcement teams.

    The agency classifies as “fugitives
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    They claim that some may be U.S. citizens or have other legal rights to remain in the country.
    If they are, it should be easy enough to PROVE it!
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    Sobering Thought

    I look at the Brave Border Patrol Officers and ICE Agents as being in the Boiler Room of the Titanic with 2 or 3 5 Gallon buckets.
    These people are fighting a LOSING BATTLE! They know it, our Govt. knows it, and our President knows it (he loves it).
    The people of this country are leaving thier futures and the futures of thier children in the hands of a bunch of boobs. We Americans have people in Washington DC who WANT this once Great Nation to fall, to fail just so they can get more money and power.
    It is up to the AMERICAN PEOPLE to TAKE the reigns and TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!
    The reason for this is because those elected boobs would screw up a bowel movement! Its time someone stands up and says it, tells them ENOUGH IS ENOUGH....It is the Christmas Season, the majority of Americans know what Christmas stands for...
    The Christmas Wreaths are about to be placed on the graves at Arlington National Cemetary....Did those Brave Americans die for what these corrupt politicians are doing to this country?
    I think not.
    <div>MY eyes HAVE seen the GLORY... And that GLORY BELONGS to US... We the PEOPLE!</div>

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