Tuesday, 22 Apr 2014 06:54 PM
By Joe Battaglia

Republicans who say they are in favor of amnesty for illegal immigrants are "continuing a scam," that got them elected but could ultimately spell ruin for the party, according to one conservative author.

In discussing Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake's support of Jeb Bush's "Act of Love" immigration comment, Steve Deace, author of the book "Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again," told J.D. Hayworth, and John Bachman on "America's Forum" on Newsmax TV that "never before in human history have so many people been willing to self-immolate for a worthless cause."

According to Deace, continued support of "scamnesty" by Republicans "drunk on corporatist money from King Street" will insure that a conservative will never again win the White House.

"Before the Reagan amnesty in '86, seven of the 10 presidential elections before that saw Republicans win California," Deace said. "Since then they haven't won since 1988. Four times the Republican nominees for president didn't get 40 percent of the popular vote there. Currently about 28 percent of Californians identify as Republicans and understand that those are California Republicans, or what Mississippi calls Democrats.

"Now imagine the same demographics exist in Texas right now that existed in California prior to the Reagan amnesty — 65 percent of new residents effective since the year 2000 are Hispanic, legal or illegal. If you do 'scamnesty' and you allow all those people to register to vote, within a decade, if not sooner, you will turn Texas blue just as you did to California and if California and Texas are both blue, that is one-third of the total electoral college vote that it takes to win the presidency, which means Republicans can never win another national election again in the foreseeable future."

Deace said the belief that supporting amnesty is a sure-fire way for Republicans to win the Hispanic vote is a major misconception.

"People say, 'Well that's why we've got to do this amnesty so Hispanics will vote for us.' That's not how this will actually result. Since 1980, 31 percent of Hispanics have physically voted Republican in presidential elections. Even George W. Bush, who spoke Spanish, barely got 40 percent. The people that are coming here illegally are coming from countries that are government, nanny states, welfare states countries that have infused Christian subculture with Marxism. When those countries are dried up, when they no longer have the pennies to take care of those people, they come here because we still have a welfare state.

"This is why you see Hispanics overwhelmingly, for marriage amendments for example, and then turn right around and vote for President Obama because in the end, people always vote their self-interest and this is a group of people that are used to governments taking care of their self-interest. So all you're going to do is take the current numbers, of demographics of Hispanics that vote about 70-30 in favor of the Democrats and you're just going to multiply them by millions. The demographic will remain the same but the number will even go higher."

In Deace's eyes, the only real solution to the immigration problem is to secure America's borders.

"If you actually want to fight back on this issue, you have to call the other side's bluff," he said. "Would the other side be in favor of amnesty if, in exchange for paying restitution for breaking the law, we told those people that are here illegally they'll never have the right to vote? You think they'd be for it? Of course they wouldn't because all they really want is to give them the right to vote so they'll vote for Democrats. So what you really need to do is attack this is a piecemeal fashion. It's not border security first, it is border security only.

"We've got drug cartels operating openly in broad daylight on our southern border in an era where 1 million, maybe 10 million jihadists around the world would love to just walk right across the Rio Grande and drop some plutonium in open air or into the water supply just to see what would happen. What kind of an American doesn't want to know that their border is secure when we're facing a global threat of terrorism? So to me, let's secure the border, let's see what that actually looks like, and then we'll have the conversation about what to do next."