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Thread: Baby Bust: Feds Raid California 'Maternity Hotels'

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    Quote Originally Posted by hattiecat View Post
    Judy, I’m with you; the Medicaid expeditures in this country are bankrupting us, and the Democrats just want to keep expanding it. All able bodied people should have to pay something for their healthcare ,and the mother and father should be financially accountable for their children . I once heard a pastor say “ There aren’t any illegitimate children, but plenty of illegitimate parents “ haha . And taxpayers shouldn’t have to spend one dime on non emergency illegal alien healthcare. E-verify for non emergency prenatal care, then report and deport! Birthright citizenship has to end, and should assist in the self deportation process when it does.
    YES!! That is absolutely right and I agree 100%. Birthright citizenship for children of illegal aliens has to end and end immediately by Executive Order to stop the total absurdity of granting passports, SS numbers and citizenship to the children of illegal aliens who are banned by law from being in our country.
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