BIDEN’s BORDER JIHAD: Six Suspected Terrorists With ISIS Ties Arrested in New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia – Top Target Previously Released at Southern Border

By Cullen Linebarger
Jun. 11, 2024 2:00 pm

Joe Biden’s callous
indifference to American national security has led to suspected terrorists with ties to ISIS sneaking into America.

The New York Post exclusively
revealed Tuesday that ICE officials arrested six individuals from Tajikistan in a sting operation over the last week after the FBI contacted the agency to warn it.

revealed to the Post that that part of the investigation involved a wiretap which caught one of the now-arrested individuals talking about bombs.

One source also told the outlet they feared something as bas as the Boston Marathon bombing would have occurred had they not promptly apprhended the individuals.

“Remember the Boston marathon bombing? I’m afraid something like that might happen again or worse,” the source said.

The Post further
revealed the target who subject to the wiretap was previously released by federal authorities at the southern border with a court date next year. Just imagine the blood on the Biden regime’s hands had the alien been able to carry out a massive terrorist attack.

The Gateway Pundit previously
reported that FBI Director Chris Wray warned America tow month ago of a potential terror attack “which may be not that different from what you saw against the concert hall in Russia a few weeks ago from ISIS-K.”

The horrific concert attack left 144 people dead and many more injured.

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The Gateway Pundit

explained to NBC News in April that there are “elevated fears about a coordinated terror attack in a public place” due to people being radicalized by the Israel/Gaza war.

“We are increasingly concerned [about] the potential for some kind of coordinated attack here in the homeland, which may be not that different from what you saw against the concert hall in Russia a few weeks ago from ISIS-K,” Wray said.

Despite Wray's chilling words, the Regime was caught flatfooted anyway because they are too concerned with flooding the southern border with illegals in an effort to remake American society.