Biden Administration Outpaces Trump on Immigration-Related Executive Orders


President Joe Biden is outpacing former President Trump on executive actions relating to immigration, with 403 orders in his first two years.

The Biden Administration has issued 403 executive orders relating to immigration in its first two years, according to a recent policy report from the Migration Policy Institute.

He is set to surpass the 472 executive actions former President Trump took on immigration matters across his four years in office.

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) highlighted some of President Biden’s more damaging orders.

During his first two years, Biden has modified public charge rules, thus making more immigrants eligible to receive welfare benefits funded by American taxpayers.

In addition, Biden has restricted immigration enforcement operations, which the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) says has assured “that an alien’s illegal status will not compel any government enforcement action.”

He’s also withdrawn Department of Labor regulations that supported wage protections for workers in the United States. This was done as Immigration and Customs Enforcement reduced their workplace enforcement, FAIR notes.

CIS also alleges that Biden has implemented initiatives intended to “hide mass illegal immigration from public view by accelerating the processing and transport of migrants.”

Matt O’Brien, the director of investigations for the Immigration Reform Law Institute, cited examples of executive overreach from the Biden Administration, including “over-the-top, DACA-like abuses of power, like creating special admission programs for Ukrainians and Venezuelans and calling them ‘parole.’”

Biden’s flurry of executive actions related to immigration “perpetuates Obama’s immigration disaster on a grander scale. It’s a sequel without equal,” O’Brien charged.

O’Brien also predicts that Biden’s executive orders could meet legal trouble and that many of them “aren’t going to stand up to scrutiny in jurisdictions other than the radical, leftist 9th Circuit Court.”