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    Biden becomes”46,” if Trump Signs DACA Deal

    Biden becomes”46,” if Trump Signs DACA Deal

    By Dave Gibson, July 14, 2020

    On Friday, President Donald Trump told a reporter from Telemundo, the Spanish-language television network, that he is working on an executive order which will provide “a road to citizenship,” for many of the illegal aliens currently residing in this country.

    In the Telemundo interview, Trump stated: “I’m going to make DACA a part of it.

    But we put it in, and we’ll probably going to then be taking it out, we’re working out the legal complexities now, but I’m going to be signing a very major immigration bill as an executive order … one of the aspects of the bill is going to be DACA. We’re going to have a road to citizenship.”

    Within an hour of those remarks being heard, White House spokesman Judd Deere started backpedaling and spinning for the president, assuring Trump’s supporters that the “road to citizenship” his boss had just announced was somehow different from the ones presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton and Reagan supported and even granted.

    “That does not include amnesty,” said Deere.

    Of course, we have heard many times before that “a pathway (or road) to citizenship,” doesn’t mean “amnesty” for illegal aliens.

    And, of course, that’s exactly what it always means.

    Make no mistake, Donald Trump was elected to control our borders and deport those here illegally. In fact, it was the cornerstone of his campaign.

    How many times did we watch Trump surround himself with ‘Angel Moms and Dads,’ and vow to stop the invasion and ongoing slaughter of this nation’s citizens?

    Trump has already disappointed many of his supporters with his non-response to the wholesale rioting, looting, and violence that has gripped this country for more than a month; granting amnesty to any illegal aliens would be a betrayal to all of us, and an unforgivable slap in the face to those same ‘Angel Moms and Dads’ whom he claims to care for so much.

    If he follows through on this latest promise, many of his supporters will abandon him, and while they will not vote for Joe Biden, they will simply stay home in November.



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    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

    Sign in and post comments here.

    Please support our fight against illegal immigration by joining ALIPAC's email alerts here

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