Biden Regime Opens Southern Border To Over One Million Foreigners From Countries Around The World...Sends Them Across U.S. With No Vaccines…Blames Non-Vaccinated Americans For Spreading COVID

On July 2, during his address to the American people, Joe Biden warned that unvaccinated Americans will perpetuate the COVID pandemic. “I am concerned that people who have not gotten vaccinated have the capacity to catch the variant and spread the variant to other people who have not been vaccinated,” Biden said.

Curiously, Joe Biden never mentioned the one million illegal aliens, many of whom are infected with COVID that he and his reckless regime are allowing to flood into America. It’s become much more acceptable for Democrats to blame Americans than to blame themselves or the one million illegal aliens they’ve allowed to freely cross our border.

Illegal Aliens Are Infecting US Border Agents With COVID

There has been
a “900% increase” in illegal aliens testing positive for COVID within the first two weeks of July at the Rio Grande border entrance.
FACT: The highly contagious group of foreigners the Biden regime has welcomed to America are infecting our border agents and their families.

100 Percent Fed Up shared a report from US Border Patrol Chief Brian Hastings, who told KURV radio that 44 of his border agents have recently been infected with COVID, and 5 have been hospitalized. According to Hastings, they’ve lost 2 US Border agents to COVID. The Border Patrol chief blames the incredibly high infection rate of illegal aliens swarming their borders.

There’s no question that under the leadership of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Democrat majorities in the House and Senate, Americans are no longer feeling safe. Here’s a recent video showing how easy the new Biden-Harris Obama-Harris regime is making it for people from around the world to come to America. There is no longer a need for health exams or criminal background checks. If you live in another country and can make it to our southern border, you simply need to cross the border—our US Border agents will load you safely into a van where you’ll receive toiletries and snacks from Catholic Social Services or other “religious” groups who will give you what you need.

Once you cross the US border, you might receive a health check, although it’s very likely the border agents are too busy changing diapers to take your temperature. You probably won’t receive a criminal background check, but you will receive free transportation to a red state that needs more Democrat voters.

Of course, once you get to your new pre-determined home, you’ll need to get on the government dole. Once you see how easy it is to rely on the American taxpayer to pay your bills, you may decide to take an extended vacation. As long as you vote Democrat in every election, you can continue to eat, sleep, get free health care, and go to school in America while never having to worry about becoming a contributing member of society.

Customs and Border Protection confirmed that 135 detainees at the Rio Grande Valley crossing point tested positive for COVID-19 in the first two weeks of July alone.

Yahoo– The cases in the Rio Grande Valley sector detention facilities now account for 60% of all detainees confirmed to have COVID-19 and are under CBP’s care, Fox News reported Tuesday. The striking figure regarding the RGV sector, one of the busiest sections of the border through which thousands of people cross daily, comes as the Biden administration contends with a worsening crisis at the southern border.

The number of noncitizens encountered by law enforcement in June, nearly 190,000 people, is
the highest counted in more than 21 years. Of that total, roughly 105,000 people were sent back to Mexico and denied asylum. Border Patrol counted 113,000 adults, 15,000 unaccompanied children, and 50,000 people traveling as part of a family group last month.

The number of illegal migrant apprehensions has been ticking up monthly since March 2020 and ballooned this spring as President Joe Biden loosened a pandemic-era policy stipulating that no one who came across is detained but instead be turned back to Mexico. The monthly tally of new border crossings swelled as Biden began rolling back some Trump-era border restrictions put in place last year that aimed to prevent further spread of COVID-19 in the United States.

3 in 10 Illegal Aliens Have Declined The COVID Vaccine

NYP reports – Almost a third of illegal immigrants in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have refused the opportunity to receive a coronavirus vaccine.

Fox News,
citing an ICE official, confirmed an Axios report from last week that the vaccine declination rate in all detention centers is 30 percent.

ICE reported 1,376 COVID-19 cases among inmates currently in custody as of Wednesday. The total number of inmates held by ICE stood at 27,067 as of the week ending July 16.

According to the ICE data, 1,095 COVID-19 cases (79.5 percent of the total) were recorded in facilities overseen by field offices in San Antonio, El Paso, Houston, Phoenix, and San Diego. Another 69 cases have been recorded at six hotels that are being used as temporary migrant facilities.

It is unclear how many inmates have been offered a vaccine. However,
Axios reported last week that the ICE had distributed more than 95 percent of an initial allotment of 10,000 doses of the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Fox News hack Neil Cavuto attempted to downplay the seriousness of the rise in COVID cases.

Hal Lambert

Biden has let over a million people from 175 countries enter our southern border and has released most throughout the United States with no vaccine and no Covid tests. Covid is now spiking again. I spoke about the spike in Covid and new masks mandates with Neil Cavuto.

5:28 PM · Jul 23, 2021

Lawmakers have raised concerns that the ongoing surge of illegal immigrants at the southern border will lead to an increase in coronavirus infections, particularly due to the presence of the highly contagious Delta variant. More than 188,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended at the US-Mexico border in June, the highest total for that month in at least 22 years.