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    Birth Certificate for Sale

    Birth Certificate for Sale

    Authorities are investigating documents posted for sale online

    POSTED: 08:12 PM CST Dec 19, 2014 UPDATED: 09:46 AM CST Dec 20, 2014

    BROWNSVILLE -Authorities are investigating an apparent attempt to sell a young child's birth certificate on the Internet. The document, along with a Social Security card for a 4-year-old child in Brownsville, appeared in a recent Facebook posting.

    It's no secret personal documents are in demand along the border. The birth certificate is either real or a very good fake for a girl born in 2010.

    The woman who posted it is asking how much anyone would offer for the document. She also shows a Social Security card with the girl's name. The birth certificate lists the name and address of the child's mother.

    CHANNEL 5 NEWS went there this morning.

    Arcelia Vaughn said the mother on the birth certificate is her daughter, and the child is her granddaughter. Vaughn said Brownsville detectives were at her house earlier today.

    She said police were trying to match the backgrounds of the posted photos of the Social Security card with her house.

    “They're checking about the floor, the color of the floor because they say they don't look the floor like mine. Mine is beige and the floor is brown,” said Vaughn.

    By phone, Vaughn's other daughter gave CHANNEL 5 NEWS the location of the little girl's paternal grandparents who also live in Brownsville. The news crew showed up there and found the Rodriguez family.

    Elisa Rodriguez reported the incident. She said she has no idea how a document that appears to be the girl's birth certificate ended up for sale on the Internet.

    “They only gave me copies. I have copies. I have from the state, you know. I have the power of attorney of the judge... (I have) custody,” she said.

    Rodriguez said the little girl and her sister are both safe inside her house.

    The woman who posted the document for sale has since taken down her Facebook page.

    CHANNEL 5 NEWS has not been able to reach Brownsville police for comment about the status of their investigation.

    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

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    Facebook Pages Near Texas Border Selling Fake US Birth Certificates

    by Ildefonso Ortiz
    22 Dec 2014

    BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Birth certificates, food stamps, fake ID’s and even sexual services are all for sale in various Facebook pages from the Texas border.

    With names like La Pulga Online (No Rules) La New Pulga Online, Las Milpas FB Estate Saale, and RGV Flea market the Facebook groups allow members to post various items for sale. While most of the items for sale in those groups deal with garage sales and so forth, various individuals have been advertising all sorts of government documents as well as other illicit activity. Xanax pills, marijuana, cocaine, human smuggling and other border illicit activity are all on sale in some of the Facebook groups.

    In one of the most recent postings, a woman was selling a birth certificate and social security card for a girl born in 2010 in the border city of Brownsville. A local TV station named KRGV went to the address shown in the birth certificate to speak with the residents about the Facebook post. The child’s grandparents told the news crew that police detectives had gone by the house to see if they were in fact selling the document which they claimed not to. The relatives told the news crew that they had no idea how a copy of the girl’s birth certificate ended up being sold online.

    Illegal items for sale on Facebook has been a disturbing trend that appears to be on the rise, saying enough is enough Erasmo Castro, a Texas border citizen journalist who has been consistently exposing the practice.

    Castro routinely submits photos of the posts to Brownsville Police and other agencies in an effort to get them involved in the case. The practice has made the citizen journalist the target of many insults and threats that include lawsuits or “la sute” as he refers to them mocking their poor grammar.
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