By not enforcing our immigration laws our government is just as responsible for these deaths as the Mexican government.

Border crossing can be deadly

June 18, 2007 11:40 AM PDT

Hundreds of undocumented immigrants are dying every year during their attempt to enter the country illegally. Many of them die while trying to walk around the Falfurrias or Sarita checkpoints through tough terrains.

Action 4 News reporter Victor Castillo takes us to the front lines as he reports on the dark side of obtaining the American dream.

It's a desert like environment in the Brooks county ranches, where waves of undocumented immigrants walk for long hours and even days just trying to avoid the Falfurrias checkpoint. There is evidence of immigrant travelers along these trails. Cans of foods, pouches of tuna, water bottles and clothing are just some of the items left behind.

According to Border Patrol statistics, the number of deaths have been increasing. 334 deaths were registered nationwide in fiscal year 2004; the numbers went up to 494 in fiscal year 2005.

Many of the immigrants are abandoned by the smugglers or simply get lost in the brush and run out of water quickly. Many drink from water troughs but get sick because the water is contaminated even with enough water, the heat of the sun and the rough terrain can be deadly on their own.

Many immigrants are fortunate to get rescued by the Border Patrol search and rescue unit when they run into trouble, but many who try to travel through here are not so lucky.

Since October of 2006, statistics show agents rescued 467 people another 42 have been found dead. ... 7&nav=0w0v