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Border Patrol Agent: Unable to Stop Rapists, Murderers, Terrorists, 'Busy Handling Something Else'

on Breitbart TV 12 Jul 2014 15 post a comment
On Saturday’s broadcast of “Huckabee” on the Fox News Channel, an unidentified Border Patrol agent that appeared in a documentary from filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch that aired during that broadcast explained the difficulties in patrolling the border for the very worst of those illegally crossing because they’re handling other duties.

“It’s not to fear what you see – it’s fearing what you don’t see,” the agent said. “What you are not seeing is the criminals. You’re not seeing the rapists, the murderers that come from other countries. You are not seeing the terrorists that come from these other countries. These are the people we are not able to catch because we are busy handling something else. We are not able to do our job.”

Lynch explained to Huckabee this environment has taken its toll on Border Patrol agents as they unable to fulfill their primary duties as the policy direction of the U.S. government has shifted under President Barack Obama’s administration.

“The morale of the border patrol is at its all- time low,” said. “They’re losing guys every single day. And the Border Patrol really trusts me. They send me information all the time because they know I get it out and they are suffering this from two perspectives -- one as an American and number two is their profession. Imagine if I tell you had to talk about something you don't want to talk about. It starts to go down. The country right now is under an attack if you will because we have absolutely no leadership. There is nobody – I hear nobody talking about solving this problem the right way.”