U. S. Border Patrol agents arrest Jamaican man accused of carrying $20,000 in drug money

By Daniel Borunda / El Paso Timeselpasotimes.com
Posted: 01/14/2013 08:18:12 PM MST

Jamaican man accused of carrying $20,000 in drug money was arrested by U.S. Border Patrol agents Sunday at the Interstate 10 checkpoint west of Las Cruces, officials said Monday.

Border Patrol officials said Sirano Thompson, 44, faces a deportation order and has a conviction for attempted murder in Florida.

During his arrest, Thompson was in a rental car going to Los Angeles. Thompson allegedly admitted the cash came from drug proceeds, officials said.

In a separate case, the Border Patrol arrested a convicted murdered Saturday after he illegally entered the U.S. in Southern New Mexico.

Inocencio Noveron Sostenes, 40, of Mexico, had served time in prison for a 2004 murder conviction, officials said. Also during the weekend,
Daniel Borunda

Border Patrol agents also seized 388 pounds of marijuana in burlap sacks abandoned by smugglers in the Lordsburg area.