by Bob Price 5 Sep 2014, 5:24 AM PDT

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas — The National Council of Border Patrol Agents (NBPC) is responding to the increasing assaults against the agents who protect our border with the production of a documentary movie that tells their story. While violent assaults frequently leave agents injured and even hospitalized, U.S. Attorneys often fail to prosecute the illegal aliens who commit the assaults. As recently as last month, charges against an accused illegal alien drug smuggler who assaulted a Border Patrol agent while attempting to escape were dismissed. The documentary will tell the story of these agents and the outrageous behavior of the government in not prosecuting these cases.

Breitbart Texas news contributor, Ildefonso Ortiz, reported the assault of a Border Patrol agent by an alleged drug smuggler that resulted in the agent being rushed to the hospital where he was admitted for his injuries. “While the court records claim that the assault was a scuffle that resulted in the agent getting a cut lip an injured knee and elbow, in reality the agent was rushed to Starr County Medical Center,” Ortiz wrote. “There, he spent three days in the hospital and three weeks out of the job recovering from his injuries.” In a plea bargain agreement, the assault charges and the drug smuggling charge were dismissed and the alien pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

Agents are frequently assaulted by illegal aliens who throw large rocks at them as they work along the border. The assaults often result in head and other bodily injuries. One of these agents is Border Patrol Agent Christopher Harris who was violently assaulted by an illegal alien who struck him in the head with a large rock.

“This agent is based out of the San Diego Sector and has been an agent for 17 years,” said Shawn Moran, National Border Patrol Council Vice-President. “We feel that when this mini-documentary is complete, people will better understand what an agent goes through physically and emotionally after a rock attack. This agent still suffers from the effects of the rocking and endured years of bureaucratic nightmares just so he could keep his job.”

Breitbart Texas Managing Director, Brandon Darby, raised the alarm on this issue in 2013 when he reported the El Paso Sector of the border was declared a “High Risk Enforcement Area” due to the increasing number of violent assaults against agents. Darby wrote, “The declaration came in March of 2013, but the numbers have continued to rise, according to Stu Harris, Vice-President Local 1929 of the National Border Patrol Council.”

The assaults continue and prosecutions are rare sending a signal to illegal aliens that there is little to no risk in assaulting agents while attempting to escape capture. The documentary is expected to be released later this fall.

"The National Border Patrol Council encourages anyone who believes that rocks are not deadly weapons to view this documentary and see the real world impact these assaults have," Moran concluded.