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    Border Patrol offering citizens academy

    Border Patrol offering citizens academy

    August 10, 2008 - 3:16PM
    When the U.S. Border Patrol once a year gives ordinary citizens a taste of what it's like to protect America's newsmaking border, the only people with a better view of the agency in action are the bad guys themselves.

    The Border Patrol's Yuma sector began offering an annual citizens academy four years ago. Everyone from curious citizens to local leaders spent eight weeks learning about the agency's missions and policies, viewing the tools and weapons of the trade, and touring the border where all the action takes place.

    "The purpose of the citizens academy is provide another method of outreach toward the community, basically to inform the public and give back to the community," said Agent Michael Bernacke, a Border Patrol spokesman for the Yuma sector. "This is just a great chance to expose people to what we do day in and day out."

    The next citizens academy is set to begin Sept. 5. The academy will accept 20 applicants and run for eight weeks. Sessions will take place every Friday evening at the Yuma sector headquarters on Avenue A.

    Chief Patrol Agent Paul Beeson remarked in a news statement that the purpose of the citizens academy goes deeper than just public relations.

    "The end result is a better informed community and safer environment for all involved," Beeson said.

    Applications, which are available at any Border Patrol station, are due Aug. 25.

    Participants may learn at one session how agents decided when use of force like pepper spray is warranted, then learn the next week how to track illegal immigrants.

    The weapons and tracking technology used are also major topics of discussion.

    "People come into the citizens academy and they're really amazed by all the technology we have to use, by the weapons we have at our disposal," Bernacke said. "They are also really impressed by the fact that we carry out our mission so professionally amidst such rigorous conditions in such remote areas."

    One session will include a trip to the border near San Luis, Ariz. Bernacke stressed that participants will not be taken anywhere dangerous or anywhere remote.

    "We're not going to put them through anything rigorous," he said, adding that feedback from participants is always positive. "The people who attend really have a blast doing it."

    Bernacke added that people's impression of the Border Patrol is always remarkable by the time graduation day comes.

    "A lot of them come in very appreciative of the Border Patrol and come out of the academy with an even greater understanding and appreciation of what we do."


    Applications must be returned by Aug. 25.
    Applications are available at the following Border Patrol locations:
    Yuma Sector Headquarters, 4035 S. Avenue A, Yuma
    Yuma Border Patrol Station, 4030 S. Avenue A, Yuma
    Wellton Border Patrol Station, 29820 Frontage Road, Wellton
    Blythe Border Patrol Station, 16870 Hobsonway, Blythe
    For more information, call 341-6559


    Darin Fenger can be reached at or 539-6860. ... order.html
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    I want to go to one of these, but don't live anywhere near Yuma. I suggest we pull out taxpayer dollars from the Medicaid and housing assistance going to illegals so the BP can conduct these courses all over the country.
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    Moving from other topics to news
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    I would like to see it in South Florida.
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