KRISTIAN HERNANDEZ | STAFF WRITER | Posted: Tuesday, December 16, 2014 8:01 pm

EDINBURG - U.S. Border Patrol agents raided a home last week where 12 people believed to be in the country illegally were staying including an El Salvador woman who said she was raped, authorities say.

Three U.S. citizens were arrested on human smuggling charges: Doenits Molina, 27, Pablo Espinoza, 19, and Mayra Romero, 29.

Agents and Hidalgo County constables were keeping surveillance on the suspected stash house in the 4900 block of Doolittle Road when they saw Espinoza in a Chevrolet Malibu with Mexican license plates dropping off two people on Dec. 7, according to court documents.

Once inside the home, agents found the immigrants and the woman who said she was raped by Molina, who later said the sex was consensual, documents show.

Espinoza said he took the woman for two days after Molina advised him there was a “good looking girl” at the stash house but did not have sex with her. The unidentified victim told investigators she had been staying at the house for four days and was raped by Molina once. Molina told investigators that he worked for “El Sinaloa,” records show.