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    Brimelow On An Anti-Unemployment Immigration Moratorium

    Brimelow On An Anti-Unemployment Immigration Moratorium In WorldNetDaily

    [Peter Brimelow writes: This column appeared in WorldNetDaily, Thursday December 3, 2009, under the headline "Putting Americans back to work". As far as I can see, it’s the ONLY mention of the immigration moratorium anti-unemployment policy option that appeared in the media during the entire Jobs Summit week. Can that really be true?]

    By Peter Brimelow

    President Obama's much-touted job summit is scheduled for today. Congressional Democrats are reportedly working on another multi-billion-dollar stimulus package (of course!). Newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the House, is trying to upstage the Democrats by holding his own summits, yesterday and today. These Republican summits will reportedly emphasize tax cuts (of course!).

    There is no doubt that America's jobs crisis is very serious. Unemployment had reached 10.2 percent at last report in early November, its highest level for some 26 years. The next unemployment report, to be released tomorrow, seems certain to show more job losses—for the 23rd consecutive month. [PB note: In fact, unemployment unexpectedly eased slightly—another example of how economists always get everything wrong—although immigrant displacement of American workers intensified, something which is only reported. Month-to-month government statistics are particularly tricky, because they are often revised dramatically.]

    Notoriously, unemployment is a lagging indicator. So, even if the recession is ending, it may continue rising for some time—and will certainly remain high for a long time to come.

    The Obama administration has made health care the center of its domestic agenda. But according to the Los Angeles Times' Peter Nichols (Nov. 27):

    “Polling shows that the health-care overhaul is not as important to Americans as an economic recovery that yields jobs. With a midterm election next year, Democrats in control of the White House and Congress can't afford to look out of touch.

    A Senate Democratic aide, speaking on condition of anonymity, said, ‘Democrats have to address the No. 1 concern of their constituents—and that is, by a long shot, jobs.’

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    In contrast, contrary to stereotype, critics of immigration policy are generally rational. What's not rational about supply and demand?
    It's Politically Incorrect to use LOGIC!
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