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    Bush approval slips to 45%, lowest of his presidency

    LINK to original article

    Bush approval slips to 45%, lowest of his presidency
    Fri Mar 25, 6:16 AM ET
    By Bill Nichols, USA TODAY

    President Bush's approval rating has fallen to 45%, the lowest point of his presidency, according to a new USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll.

    The finding, in a poll of 1,001 adults Monday through Wednesday, is a dip
    from 52% in a poll taken last week. Bush's previous lowest rating, 46%,
    was recorded last May.

    The White House declined to comment. Republican National Committee
    spokeswoman Tracey Schmitt said that Bush is taking
    on "tough issues, whether it's to reform Social Security,
    promoting the spread of democracy or making a renewed pitch to
    Congress to pass comprehensive energy reform."

    Independent political analysts said the drop may reflect opposition to the
    White House and Congress intervening in the Terri Schiavo matter.

    "You have to wonder if people didn't feel that the president and the
    Congress couldn't be spending their time working on Social Security and
    other problems," said Charlie Cook, editor of the non-partisan Cook
    Political Report.

    On Monday, Bush signed a bill passed in an unusual weekend session of
    Congress allowing federal courts to take jurisdiction over a decision by
    Schiavo's husband, Michael, to have her feeding tube removed.

    A USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll last weekend found that 61% would have a spouse's feeding tube removed under similar circumstances.

    The new poll found the largest drop for Bush came among men,
    self-described conservatives and churchgoers.

    The poll also found an increased number of Democrats. In this survey,
    37% said they were Democrats and 32% said they were Republicans. Last week, 32% said they were Democrats and 35% said they were

    Bush's handling of the economy also appears to have contributed to the
    poll's findings.

    Bush's economic ratings:

    • 59% said economic conditions are getting worse, Bush's highest negative number on the economy in two years.

    • 32% rated economic conditions good or excellent, the lowest rating in
    over a year.

    • A Gallup Poll taken in the same period found rising concern about gas
    costs. Fuel and oil prices tied with unemployment, jobs and wages for top
    economic concerns.

    "Any politician pushing a Social Security privatization plan that cuts
    benefits and increases the national debt by $4.3 trillion would see his or
    her approval ratings tumble," said Josh Earnest, Democratic National
    Committe spokesman.

    The margin of error for the USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll is +/- 3
    percentage points.


    Notice how they don't talk about the main reason that I'm 1000 percent sure contributed to Bush's sharp drop in approval rating and I bet my yearly salary it was due to his conference talks with Vicente Fox and Paul Martin on Wednesday concerning the immigration issue. I'm sure the American public was none to pleased about Bush calling patriotic Americans wanting to help out the border patrol as vigilante lawbreakers. I think that opened alot of eyes. Of course it's not the only reason, but the biggest one. The article mentioned how Bush is having a difficult time getting his policies past in Congress. Just think how difficult it will be now that the American public knows 100 percent sure of what kind of sellout our president is. Can you say LameDuck?

    7 percent approval rating drop in 2 days bringing him into the mid 40's which is very low for a two time president. This man is in trouble. We need to keep the pressure on.
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    Ill ask Redgirl1 to post this with your comments

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    Quote Originally Posted by ALIPAC
    Ill ask Redgirl1 to post this with your comments

    Cool thanks. The left is trying to make it out that Bush's sharp drop in approval ratings is due to the involvement with the Shiavo case which I don't think is the case (actually IMO I don't think Bush is doing nowhere near enough to save that poor womens life, but that's another subject). I know it's because of the immigration issue. Mid 40's approval rating for a two time president is pathetic. He might as well have a 20 percent rating. The Republican party better further distance themselves from this guy or they will no doubt go down with him.

    Our sides momenteum is growing. I can feel it. A year ago this wasn't even being talked about. We were the extremist. Now were slowly becoming the mainstream. I hope this is a sign of things to come and a sign that we are slowly, but surely taking our country back from these OB radicals. Key word is hope.

    Have a great weekend.
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    I agree with dman1200. Most people I know were irate about his
    kissing up to Foxie. I guess the tail does wag the dog.

    Anyway, he has certainly earned the drop in popularity.

    To be fair........
    I will give him credit for creating discussion about social security.
    It is an issue that needs to be addressed, regardless of whatever
    solution one feels is appropriate. Enforce immigration laws!

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    I can say only that this household (numbering a mere 4) were alarmed by the Fox/Martin/Bush meeting and it's results. We were ticked off by the remarks of both Condi and Georgie.

    However, for congress to take time to have an emergency meeting over Terri S. while at the same time ignoring the most important issue--the border--really steamed us. If they can get off their duffs to vote on something like a court case that has been battled for over 15 years...but do nothing whatsoever on national security--we'd actually LIKE to see Bush recalled. And we ALL voted for him. How could we know that destroying our sovereignty would be his #1 mission in his second term of office?

    I like the drop in his approval rating. I had told my legislators only last week that Bush was going to single handedly destroy the Republican Party with his failure at border issues/immigration issues. He's proving me right.

    The men who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed. " - Lloyd Jones

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