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Thread: CA Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom to Bail Out Poor Illegal Immigrants with Taxpayers’

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    CA Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom to Bail Out Poor Illegal Immigrants with Taxpayers’

    CA Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom to Bail Out Poor Illegal Immigrants with Taxpayers’ Money

    by Neil Munro 15 Apr 2020

    California’s Democrat governor is providing a $500 per person bailout to 150,000 poor illegal migrants throughout the state, according to the Associated Press.

    The giveaway will cost the state’s taxpayers $125 million, said the AP report.

    California will give cash payments to immigrants living in the country illegally, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Wednesday, using a mix of taxpayer money and charitable contributions to give 150,000 adults $500 each during the coronavirus outbreak.

    California has an estimated 2 million immigrants living in the country illegally. They are not eligible for the $2.2 trillion stimulus package approved by Congress last month, which gives cash payments to most Americans plus boosts unemployment benefits by $600 per week.

    California’s huge population of illegals boosts revenues for California’s companies, investors, and state agencies.
    But it also forces down wages for blue-collar and white-collar Americans, pushes up real estate and rental costs, and crowds the state’s K-2 schools.

    However, California’s citizens feel gratitude toward the illegals, Newsome said:

    “We feel a deep sense of gratitude for people that are in fear of deportations that are still addressing essential needs of tens of millions of Californians,” said Newsom, who noted 10% of the state’s workforce are immigrants living in the country illegally who paid more than $2.5 billion in state and local taxes last year.

    The announcement comes after Los Angeles’s mayor announced a $1,500 subsidy to the Los Angeles residents — including illegals. reported April 14:

    A staggering 56,000 applications were submitted on the first day, according to [Mayor Eric] Garcetti.

    “Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten through, because there’s two more days still,” he said.

    The no-fee debit card is available to city residents whose total household income fell below the federal poverty line before the COVID-19 crisis began and who had their income reduced by at least another 50% due to the outbreak.

    The cards will come with $700, $1,100 or $1,500, depending on the size and income of each household, a news release stated.

    Democrats in Congress, in New York, as well as in the established media, are also demanding that taxpayers bailout the huge illegal migrant populations that the Democrats invited into the United States.

    Neil Munro

    Ipsos poll shows the majority of Democrats want a taxpayer bailout for the poverty-stricken illegal-immigrant populations they invited into the U.S. The poll did not ask if GOP-tied employers also want taxpayers to subsidize their imported workers.

    Poll: Majority of Democrats Want Bailout for Illegal Immigrant Poverty
    A poll showed three-in-five Democrats want taxpayers to bail out the poverty-stricken illegal immigrants whom they welcomed into the country.

    4:41 PM · Apr 14, 2020·Twitter Web App
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    Give $125 million to our homeless and throw Gavin in JAIL.
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