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    CA: Immigration Plans New SoCal Detention Facility

    May 22, 2009 4:52 pm US/Pacific
    Immigration Plans New SoCal Detention Facility


    The federal government has announced plans to seek proposals to build a privately run 2,200-bed immigration detention facility in Southern California.

    Immigration and Customs Enforcement says on a Web site for government contractors that it plans to start seeking proposals in mid-June for the facility, which will be located within 120 miles of downtown Los Angeles.

    Currently, ICE can house up to 1,400 detainees at a facility owned by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. It also contracts with police agencies to house detainees in local jails.

    ICE used to run a detention facility in San Pedro but it was closed in 2007.

    ICE has stepped up immigrant detentions in recent years. As of last year, the agency had bed space for about 32,000 detainees.
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    Oh my goodness! SoCal actually has space to build a new facility, while there is a facility that probably needs only replacement of barbed wire and a good cleaning that was closed in 2007. Snugged here in NC as an observer, this does not make much sense.
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    They Know

    They Know Trouble is coming when the Illegals dont get their amnesty so they are gearing up. Smart move imo because California is going to be a frontline warzone between illegal alien invaders and law enforcement.

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    I think this is just to put some federal contractors on the payroll. Part of the stimulus maybe? So they can say "look how many people we put to work." What a joke. Why don't they get some buses and just send them back!!!

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