4:23 PM, Apr 9, 2017

BARRIO LOGAN, C.A., — More than a hundred people crowded Chicano Park on Palm Sunday to mark the holiday and to witness the unveiling of the new ‘No Border Wall’ mural.

“The important people are all the migrants that are represented,” said Enrique Morones, the founder of the non-profit organization, Border Angels.

The group advocates for migrant farm workers and immigrant rights.

They funded the mural, which was painted by Sal Barajas.

“We say no border walls, love has no borders and no more deaths,” said Morones. “Those are the three messages.”

With the unveiling of the new painting, he said he hopes people will start thinking about humane immigration reform.

“What is the right way, there is no line for them to get into the U.S.,” said Morones.

10News spoke with Robert Luton, spokesperson for San Diegans for Secure Borders Coalition and he said the immigration policy does need to change.

“We should tell elected officials to try and secure the border so we don't add to the numbers we already have,” said Luton.

He said it’s about creating less incentives for people to break the law.

"We try not to cast any blame on individuals, but to look at the system in totality,” said Luton.

Morones said he hopes to see some changes that’ll benefit immigrants soon.

“Everybody wants border security, but we want humane policies,” said Morones.