Suspect Wanted In Tyler Tenorio's Fatal Stabbing Flees To Mexico

Posted: Oct 29, 2009 08:35 PM CDT

Updated: Oct 29, 2009 09:02 PM CDT

SANTA CRUZ, Calif.-Santa Cruz police said Paulo Luna took a bus to Mexico from San Diego Thursday.They think he got across the border after declaring himself an illegal immigrant to Border Patrol agents.Later, agents found out he's wanted for murdering Tyler Tenorio.

Mexican State Police in Baja California told me they have no clue who Luna is. "We haven't had any contact with Santa Cruz police it would be good to ask them if they can send us this information to capture this person and put him in custody," said Alfrefo Arenas with Baja California State Police.

They've caught almost 300 fugitives, how? Through the all point bulletin given to all law enforcement in the state with the fugitives information. Mexican authorities said fugitives usually hide in tourist hot spots like Ensenada and Tijuana because they blend in. But usually get caught because they continue to commit crimes in Mexico. "They steal, kidnap, that helps us too hopefully we can capture them before they commit a crime in Mexico," said Arenas.

Border Patrol also helps, using an F.B.I. finger print data base. When they alert someone they take their finger prints and the system notifies them about warrants. "It's a very common occurrence if they come in contact with somebody and we do run them through our data base it will show up," said Adrian Corona with Border Patrol.

But in Luna's case, Santa Cruz police are trying to figure out why the information was delayed.