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Thread: Canadianís want action on illegal immigration: Bogus refugee numbers skyrocket

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    Canadianís want action on illegal immigration: Bogus refugee numbers skyrocket

    Canadianís want action on illegal immigration: Bogus refugee numbers skyrocket

    March 20, 2017

    So let me get this straight, even as we have thousands of people coming over the border illegally, even as refugee claims from Mexico skyrocket, there are almost 45,000 outstanding warrants to deport people?

    This is madness and the bad news is Justin Trudeau has no plan to deal with it even as a new Reuters-Ipsos poll shows about half of Canadians want the government to block people coming in illegally.

    Thatís good news and shows more Canadians support our position of No Illegals than oppose it.

    Weíve been calling on the government stop the illegal border crossings and say no to illegal immigration for some time. Problem is they arenít doing anything about it.
    Our problem with Mexicans trying to get into Canada illegally is back. From 2005 until 2009 Mexico was one of Canadaís top source countries for refugee claims, peaking in 2008 at 9,500 claims.

    Then Harper's government brought in a visa requirement for Mexicans wanting to travel here. Mexico called it insulting but it dried up the flow of refugee claims.

    Now what we have according to Reuters is an increase in Mexicans being detained in Canada.

    Watch as I explain whatís been happening and how I know that itís a result of people taking advantage of the Third Safe Country loophole in our law.

    I think this is the second phase of our growing illegal immigration and bogus refugee problem and the government has no idea what to do about it.

    The good news is, despite the push by media elites and activists like Lead Now and No One is illegal, Canadians are on our side.

    Help us keep the pressure on the Trudeau government to do the right thing and sign our petition at
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    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty
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    Oh Good!! So called Canadians are awake at the helm. Yes, trust US down here, you must stop them now by all means necessary or you will let them turn your beautiful country into a third world pig sty. If you don't believe me, just look at what it's done to the United States.

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    Canada has bashed USA for wanting to build a Wall and thinks we should take all these people and pay for them.

    LOL...feel the pain. They can all go to Canada and trash your country. See how you like it. We do not want them back. This is NOT their homeland. Fly them out of Canada back to their countries.

    So you had better get on the Trump Train, partner with us and stop the invasion of BOTH our countries. And that means stop bringing in asylum, refugees and allowing illegals on your soil. That means help us build our Wall on our Southern the cockroaches are headed North...not so nice, is it?

    We have 30 million to have seen nothing yet with the swath of destruction they have done to our neighborhoods and our citizens.

    We pass the baton...your turn for the next 60 years to deal with them.
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