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Church distributes posters, pledge cards, prayer cards and DVDs supporting illegal immigration

When Mexico produced a comic book showing illegal aliens how to sneak into the United States, Americans were outraged. But Mexico, La Raza, even the Democratic Party has not come close to the full library of documents in support of illegal immigration that the Catholic Church in the U.S. is distributing to its members.

• Advent Journey to Justice - A bilingual prayer resource
• Justice for Immigrants Brochure - Part of the 'Justice for Immigrants: A Journey of Hope' campaign
• Justice for Immigrants Parish Resource Kit - Suggestions, resources for organizing a campaign
• Justice for Immigrants Pledge Card
• Strangers no Longer DVD - This series 'invites us to identify with today's immigrants'
• Strangers No Longer - Statement by the Catholic bishops' conferences of the United States and Mexico
• Strangers No Longer Brochure
• Strangers No Longer Way of the Cross prayer card

Catholic parishes across the nation are also wrestling with the Church’s teachings on immigration. The church's passionate push for immigration reform has miffed some Catholics who oppose illegal immigration and others who don't like to mix religion and politics.

In Orange County, California, a woman recently said she understands Catholic teachings on immigration but grapples with how to blend her faith with her obligations as a citizen in electing leaders and deciding how taxes are spent. Her priest did not clarify things by explaining the church teaches that people have a right to migrate and that countries have a right to control migration, "a situation bound to provoke social tensions," he noted.