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Thread: Chicago Mayor Emanuel Touts Social Services for Illegal Aliens

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    The drug cartels while most that we're familiar with are from Mexico, they are actually from all over the world.

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    Actually, I may be incorrect on one thing. I do know that they say on the news that Chicago has the biggest Mexican population outside of the southwest, but I'm really not sure, now that I think about it, if they actually said the biggest illegal alien population from Mexico as well. I do know one thing though, we are overrun by illegals from Mexico here in the Chicago area. But it won't be my problem much longer. I'm going to be out of this hell hole pretty soon. But don't worry Judy, if there are any illegals on the east coast where I'm planning on going, you can bet your sweet ass that I'm going to be reporting as many of them as I can.
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    Yes, illegal aliens are here on the East Coast in droves. Lots to report!!

    GET THEM ALL OUT NOW. NOW. Not later, now.

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    Look at the DEA map of cartels - look at the northeast coast - the map is mexican cartels only.

    No one to report them to - ICE line is always busy. Police side with illegals if you confront any one of them and they always have their gangs watching over them. Mostly all the cities are sanctuary.
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