Becky Yeh - California correspondent (
Friday, February 01, 2013

State Senator Lou Correa (D) has proposed SB 141, a measure that would give children of deported illegal immigrants lower tuition rates in The Golden State.

Correa points out that when undocumented parents are deported from the United States, their children, who are American citizens, are also forced to leave. Those children "are growing up outside the U.S., yet their desire to return to their birth home continues to live within them," he states.

But Bill Balderama, coordinator of the Southern California Patriot Coalition, contends the lawmaker is overlooking something.

"They shouldn't be giving preference to children of illegals," he argues. "Whether or not it's their fault, it's bad that we lose American citizens -- American children of American citizens -- and American citizens themselves don't get this kind of deal from their legislators. You know, that's bad," Balderama reiterates.

Under Correa's proposal, children of illegal immigrants and residents of California would qualify for in-state tuition rates and financial aid. It comes just a year after Governor Jerry Brown approved AB 131, which gives illegal immigrants financial aid at state universities and community colleges.

Citizens second to illegals in Golden State?