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    Class Action lawsuit against Feds? Why Not?

    A Florida Reader Wonders Why A Law Firm Couldn’t File A Class Action Suit Against the U.S. Government Regarding Illegal Immigration
    From: Robert Moffett (e-mail him)

    One of the weapons pro illegal aliens and open border advocates have is an army of immigration lawyers and groups like SPLC and ACLU that readily and creatively use any legal means to fight our citizens wish to have immigration laws enforced. But why can’t we use the law to go after them?

    Nothing is impossible. Ten years ago class action suits were filed against big tobacco companies claiming they had harmed thousands with their product .Few people thought these lawsuits had any chance of winning the billions of dollars of damages the lawsuits were seeking.

    But they were wrong. Big tobacco lost.

    We should file suit against the federal government for failure to enforce immigration laws claiming its inaction has led to thousands of citizens being harmed and in some cases murdered by illegal aliens.

    The federal government should be sued as they have denied city, county and state governments the right to pass laws to manage the problem of illegal aliens, tying their hands while doing little to protect us from criminals that have been arrested repeatedly and permitting them to live freely in sanctuary cities.

    Allan Wall has provided legal information on your site that all illegals entering the U.S. break not only our laws but also Mexican laws. Yet Mexico is on record of encouraging illegal immigration.

    Even when one of Mexico’s citizens is returned, no one prevents them from returning again to the U.S., again illegally. The Mexican government has taken no action to solve this problem.

    For far too long we have allowed lawyers to use our laws against us and to the benefit of aliens. Let's turn the tables on them.

    Even if our side loses the lawsuit, the public awareness of the thousands of Americans that have been harmed by the inaction of the federal government will help our cause.

    Moffett is a Florida native and a victim of free trade globalization.

    VDARE.COM note: Our Joe Fallon suggested something similar in 1999 ( ... 9-1-7.html )
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    I have been turning over in my own mind the possibilities of using civil lawsuits, based upo the IRCA of 1986, against parties that cause economic damage. This Act was fairly broad since it includes those who provide assistance to illegal aliens because of personal convictions. This might be easier to prove than that they were procuring known illegals; these people always say that they really didn't know. We know those defenses are a bunch of horses--t but I'm trying to project just how woodenheaded many courts are these days and how well people are able to lie. Since criminal prosecution sems to be very hard to obtain, the civil courts might be an easier avenue of redress.

    It just shocks me to see how pervasive the trend of helping illegals has become. My job site has at least three professions loaded with them. We have organizers specifically trying to sign them up into unions. Our city is trying to help them, despite overwhelmig public opinion against it. Even fundamentalist groups seem to be joining in with local projects to assist "refugees." ICE is way overtaxed and would take forever to respond to any but the most significant abuses. So, civil suits might be the only realistic avenue. Even if the law is clear the violation still has to be "actionable" to stand up in civil court, but in my unprofessional opinion I think they are, if you can show you are directly impacted.
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