ESCONDIDO: Convicted rapist, previously deported, found in Escondido

Friday, September 23, 2011 8:00 am

An illegal immigrant convicted of an Escondido rape a decade ago and deported last year after he served his prison time was arrested this week in Escondido, a police lieutenant said Thursday.

Jesus Armando Flores-Trujillo, 29, was a passenger in a car stopped for a traffic violation near Centre City Parkway and Felicita Avenue just before midnight Monday, Lt. Craig Carter said.

Carter said Flores-Trujillo admitted he was in the country illegally, but gave police a fake name and said he had never been deported or arrested. A federal Immigrations and Customers Enforcement agent called to the scene uncovered Flores-Trujillo's criminal history, Carter said.

Flores-Trujillo was convicted of rape in 2001 and sentenced to 10 years in prison, Carter said. He was deported in October 2010 after serving his prison time.

Carter said the man has since returned to live and work in Escondido using a false identity.

Carter said the driver of the car, Gricelda Cardenas Guzman, 28, of Escondido, had an active warrant for drunken driving. He, too, was in the country illegally, Carter said. ... z1YneY7H2c