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Thread: Conway: Pres. Trump Has Never Backed Down on Border Wall & Won't Now

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    Conway: Pres. Trump Has Never Backed Down on Border Wall & Won't Now

    (video may be viewed at source link)

    September 13, 2017

    Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway promised that President Trump has no intention of backing down on building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

    "The president has never backed down and won't now on getting that wall built," she told "Fox & Friends" on Wednesday. "It's high time a sovereign nation like ours has our own physical borders to protect."

    The mechanism for getting border wall funding is the only thing up for debate, Conway said.

    Conway also said tax reform and infrastructure rebuilding should have bipartisan support.

    "That should be a nonpartisan issue, the idea that Americans are working so hard and paying too much of the tax burden," she said.

    "We would hope Democrats would join this Republican president," the former Trump campaign manager said. "Everything I'm mentioning to you would seem nonpartisan to the average American."

    "This is somebody who's always been willing to sit down with people of disparate views," she concluded.
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    *The Wall" It is one of the main solutions to drug cartels running drugs in our country over the boarder hence the drug addictions here in our country, the cost of lives and treatment centers, arrest, court cost, prison over crowding. It is the only solution to millions more coming to get put on our social service programs. It is the only solution for higher premiums we all pay because of uninsured medical immigrants coming here for free healthcare, including major surgeries, babies. It is the only solution to slow down slavery of children and women being sold in Mexico City slavery auctions and abroad. It is the only solution to keep gangs out of our country once we deport them all. Not to mention lower wages because of influx of cheap labor, Our children's education, Unemployment. Anyone thinking we don't need the wall does not read much.
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    Yes, you're right, I'm not a big fan of the wall, I wish we didn't need it, but the sad fact is, we do, at least in many sections where the fencing is a joke and areas that are high traffic and have no fence, wall or anything. We're a sitting duck gateway at this point for all things bad, drug, terrorists, illegal aliens, contraband, pornography, pedophilia, murderers, rapists, gangs, poverty, wage and job competition. It all sucks and has to end. The wall will help a lot.

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