Cotton: Mayorkas ‘Delusional Ideologue,’ ‘Our Border Is Wide Open’

by PAM KEY 16 Dec 2022

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) said Friday on Fox News Channel’s “The Faulkner Focus” that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was a “delusional ideologue.”

When asked about Mayorkas denying the border is open, Cotton said, “Yeah, Harris, those are the words of a delusional ideologue. Of course, our border is wide open. Since Joe Biden took office, more than 5 million illegal aliens have entered our country. That’s like adding the entire population of the state of Colorado to our country. And if the administration doesn’t get its act together and take steps to close our border, especially if they go forward with rescinding the public health emergency exclusionary order at the border known as Title 42, we could add another 5 million in the next year alone. So this is an urgent, urgent crisis at our border, but Alejandro Mayorkas and Joe Biden don’t seem to be up to the task. They don’t even seem to be willing to admit that it is a crisis.”

He added, “This is the Biden administration’s delusional ideology. If they send more resources, cash or people to the border, it’s not to close our border. It’s not to tell these migrants to go home and to apply for entry into our country through our embassies as our laws require. It’s simply to process them through the border more quickly. They are not telling people to go home. They’re not telling people not to come in the first place. They are simply trying to get them across the border and away from the cameras on our border and into our country as quickly as possible, without regard for what it means for jobs and wages for working Americans or safety on our streets when so many of these people are coming through trafficked by drug cartels. They aren’t trying to close our border. They are simply trying to speed up people crossing our border.”

Cotton: Mayorkas 'Delusional Ideologue,' 'Our Border Is Wide Open' (