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    COURT REPORT: Child support payments blamed for illegal alien's return

    Posted: Monday, April 6, 2015 9:45 am | Updated: 12:08 pm, Mon Apr 6, 2015.


    The mother of a man accused of stealing two motorcycles and the identity of another man says her son returned to the country illegally so he could pay child support.

    Luis Eduardo Delgado, 22, of Le Sueur, has been charged with identity theft, aggravated forgery, motor vehicle theft and possession of stolen property and a warrant for his arrest has been issued.

    The search for Delgado began in November after police learned a motorcycle was stolen from a home in Le Sueur. According to a criminal complaint filed in Le Sueur County court, informants told police that Delgado and another man were responsible for the theft and that motorcycle and another, taken in from Le Sueur in December.

    As part of the investigation, officers reportedly discovered Delgado had been deported, but was back in the country, had been using an alias, and obtained identification, a Social Security card and other documents using another manís name.

    During a February search of his home, Delgadoís mother reportedly told police that her son returned to the country so he could get a job and pay child support. Documents gathered during the search showed child support payments had been made using the alias Delgado had adopted.
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    I do not think that committing felonies to support a child is a defense. What is Mom's education level? Dumb, dumber or dumbest? She did not help sonny's case unless she can load the jury with bleeding hearts.

    This makes it obvious that the aliens today believe that any excuse wills be accepted for pardons. Is that message approved by a majority of Americans? Quite apparently so. it is working at the border with child in arms!!

    Americans, what hath apathy wrought??

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    Tell the mother of the child if she's a US citizen to support her own child. If she's an illegal alien, deport her with the child and Delgado. What is the status of Delgado's mother? If he's illegal, isn't she as well? ROUND 'EM ALL UP AND GET THEM THE HELL OUT OF HERE. They are all the epitome of the CRIMINAL MINDS.

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