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    Cultural suicide ... /106290024

    Cultural suicide

    Michael Hohl

    ed iverson
    it's always something
    June 29, 2005

    We have already lost our nerve. We are now debating how best to commit cultural suicide. Unchecked illegal immigration is the method preferred by some. This approach is attended by the effort include a Spanish version of all public communications. Keeping racial animosity alive also promotes cultural suicide.

    Debasement of morals is another favorite means of committing cultural suicide. This attempt features the rejection of ethical absolutes in favor of a free-floating, "feel-good" bohemianism by which every man is (more or less) encouraged to do what is right in his own eyes. Open and public display of homoeroticism and other forms of sexual perversion are not only legitimatized, but indeed are welcomed as proof of cultural superiority.

    The Perverted Party also favors unrestrained pornography, various official programs that effectively promote adolescent sexual activity, and anything else that results in the destruction of the family. Lewd and provocative apparel sells in mainline clothing stores and little kids are encouraged to despise modest dress. Statute law prohibits polygamy; but serial polygamy (repeated divorce and remarriage) is considered normal and elevated to an art form by celebrities who in turn are watched, adored, and imitated.

    A third entrant in the national suicide debate is the Nice Party. According to the Nice Party, American culture must renounce unpleasantries such as military action to halt terrorism. We have to sit down with these guys and talk nice. Even old snakes such as Yasser Arafat must be feted upon their death. And photographs of the Butcher of Bagdad in his undies are definitely not nice.

    The Nice Party wants other pictures censored as well. They have successfully suppressed footage of the Twin Towers collapsing with American citizens plunging to their death. That is not nice, you see; and it simply encourages those Americans who are not nice but who instead are mean (or mean-spirited, to use the term favored by the Nice Party).

    For all its chest-thumping about the public's right to know, the media is a tool of the Nice Party. Don't report on the atrocities of Muslim terrorists. That would not be nice. Don√ɬ*t write about outrageous displays of Muslim hatred and contempt for America. That might make "moderate Muslims" feel bad. And especially do not run footage of the enemy beheading non-combatants. Broadcast of that nature would not be at all nice.

    Odd, isn't it? The same press that makes a great clamor about the American administration of the prison at Abu Ghraib refuses to report atrocities by the enemy? The same press that thought it their journalistic duty to endlessly depict American complicity in the bloodbath at Mai Lai now turns squeamish about depicting Muslims as they humiliate prisoners and saw off their heads?

    See, this is how cultural suicide works for the Nice Party. Pass over any evidence of heinous, depraved, fiendish behavior by the enemy. But report in excruciating detail every torn page of the Koran at Guantanamo and every foolish lapse in military discipline by American prison guards at Abu Ghraib. When reporting on the interrogation of detainees at Guantanamo, the Nice Party would like to hold our military to standards of nicety that exceed those enjoined upon our juvenile courts.

    Different parties promote different means for committing cultural suicide. The unifying belief is a disparagement, revulsion, even a hatred for Western Civilization, particularly any aspect of Western Civilization that carries the mark of Christianity. This explains why almost every aspect of Western Civilization is despised and reviled. The Parties working for cultural suicide understand better than the average contented American that our culture is shot through with Christian morals, Christian philosophies, and Christian worldviews. In a display of loathing for orthodox Christianity, many in our country are actively promoting cultural suicide.
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    Excellent article jp!

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