I have just completed a comprehensive report, The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration, on the collateral damage Americans are incurring as a result of illegal immigration.

This is the report that was featured on the George Putnam show on KCAA for an hour on Tuesday, November 28 and quoted by World Net Daily in Wednesday’s lead article, "45,000 terror-threat illegals released into U.S. populace."

If the average American knew the personal and economic costs being sacrificed on the altar of illegal immigration they might actually want something done about it. While most people on this forum know it, the report puts it all in one place and highlights a few categories, such as the carnage being caused by illegal aliens in Traffic Accidents, that few talk about and even less are aware.

While the economic costs are enormous, the personal costs are horrific. How many Americans should be killed, murdered, molested, and raped so that we can save ten cents on a head of lettuce?

Besides the facts, my report highlights numerous personal tragedies inflicted by an illegal alien.

If you would like to have a FREE copy, please send me an e-mail that I can send it to. 71 pages in WORD, 3.1MB. Please put "illegal immigration" in the subject line.


If anyone can post it on the net in a format so it can be updated, please let me know.

P. Wagner