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    Day announces plan to toughen border security

    Day announces plan to toughen border security

    Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day announced in Windsor, Ont., on Friday, Jan. 12, 2007 an investment of $431.6 million over five years to reinforce smart, secure borders. (CP / Dave Chidley) News Staff

    Updated: Fri. Jan. 12 2007 10:59 PM ET

    Ottawa will spend more than $430 million in the next five years to boost border security, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day has announced.

    "It's going to accomplish a two-fold mission: borders that are secure, but also borders that enhance prosperity on all sides of the border," Day said Friday in Windsor, Ont.

    Roughly one-third of the daily $1.9 billion in trade between the U.S. and Canada passes through the city.

    "I even sometimes surprise my American friends when I remind them that the trade that comes across the Ambassador Bridge in total is greater than all of the trade that exists between the United States and Japan," said Day.

    In part, the money will go towards measures to speed up movement of cargo between Canada and its southern neighbour.

    Most of the money -- $396 million - will be invested in the so-called electronic manifest (eManifest) system, an extension of the existing Advance Commercial Information program, where shippers provide the Canadian Border Services Agency with information on cargo contents 24 hours before arrival.

    About 18,000 trucks cross the border each day, along with railroad, air and marine cargo carriers.

    "There's still going to be that human element at the border, to look at material and talk to the driver, but the amount of time that's going to be saved is going to be significant," said Day.

    A further $24 million will go towards ensuring trade with the U.S. can continue to move through the border in the even of an emergency, The Canadian Press reported.

    Day's announcement, which aims to ease congestion, draws on funds already set aside in the budget.

    According to The Globe and Mail, the government is also expected to move money into its "Partners in Protection" program between Ottawa and businesses.

    The program, which is designed to enlist the co-operation of private industry in efforts to enhance border security, requires shippers to sign an agreement with the Canada Border Services Agency.

    The agency assesses the security system of private shippers and helps them identify and correct any weaknesses.

    With files from The Canadian Press

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    Ottawa will spend more than $430 million in the next five years to boost border security, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day has announced.
    I'm sure they've been watching our illegal immigration problem closely, and it's certain they know our extremely weak borders are contributing greatly to the problem. In other words, they're probably looking to the future and feel it is necessary to inact a little preventive maintenance against a future illegal immigrant spread into Canada. Moreover, the rush on our borders is probably scaring the piss out of them.

    Yeah, I know, all theory on my part, but it sounds good anyway.

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    MW, you are right. They are watching our immigration problem as well as the NAU situation. Many of the sales and service forces I work with in Canada are well aware of the NAU situation and they are just as upset as we are. I can only speak for this group of Canadians that I work with, but they love their proviences as much as we love our states, and they certainly do not want a tri continental merger either.
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