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Thread: 'Defenders Of The Constitution’ May Need To Sue Trump Over Amnesty

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    Yeah, Congress is proving they're pretty useless. So if Congress won't pass a law to solve the problem and of course the courts won't EVER solve an immigration problem for the American People, I mean they never have so don't expect them to start now, that takes it back to the Executive Branch, which takes the "unconstitutional" issue Steve King seems so upset with and rightly so, to the Department of Justice, which takes it straight into the lap of the Attorney General of the United States, which is our dear friend, Jeff Sessions to deal with his new friend, John Kelly, to determine mutually that the Janet Napolitano Memo Directive was unconstitutional, exceeded prosecutorial discretion on immigration when it issued "work permits" (which it did) and is now null, void and of no further force or effect.

    Can be done by them in 2 minutes.
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    We should thank Congressman King for speaking out on this, and it is a damn shame we now have to ask states to sue to stop Trump from continuing the same unconstitutional amnesty for illegals Obama created.

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