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    Department of Homeland Security and ICE

    I just got done reading an article and I am venting and venting hard. Please read all the way to the bottom and you will see I mean good

    ICE stated that there were limited beds available to pick up Illegal Aliens for deportations from local jails; as well funding was not available for such offenses as DUI and shoplifting. l I am sure there are a host of other things they will not deport for and in saying that the criminal Illegal Alien would be released back onto the mean streets that are getting meaner by the day. What the spokes person from ICE should have heard was "Your Fired"

    Bull Sh_t there are hundreds of FEMA camps... get'em busy, man guards on the towers.. we pay you fools money to work... we paid for the camps, get you sorry A_S busy... lock them up; ship them out.

    If our soldiers can live in a GP Medium Tent with razor wire to keep out the enemy... the Illegal Aliens can live in GP Medium Tents, surrounded by razor wire to keep them in... Hell, we can even give them the crusty MREs out of a bag to eat until deportation

    so you are telling me that the Government is stealing my money in the form of Taxes... you are going to take my money and give me no service for what you take

    You also are telling me you are going to put another possible DUI Illegal Alien on the roads again and to do my best dodging him. How many Americans have been killed by an Illegal Alien .. HUH, Tell me goof ball huh... if it was 1 it was one to many and people at the highest level are directly and indirectly responsible, much less this so called ICE spokes member giving us the Raw news

    your also telling me to expect paying a higher cost for retail "Someones gotta pay for the items shoplifted and thats generally the consumer" you didn't expect the store to take the loss did you...

    This government facilitates the crimes that are committed daily... and still want me to pay for their shitty performance... what kind of drugs are you smoking.. I suppose you want a pay raise

    What I want to know is what the F are you doing working for me

    Have we been so used to a shitty performance we have just become accustomed to "Oh well, it's just the way it is.... let me ask you something. When you go out to eat at a resterant. If you order steak but the waiter brings you a plate full of crap ... literally "Crap" do you just shake your head, give them a tip and pay for steak


    You know what People... KICK THESE PATHETIC POLITICIANS OUT OF OFFICE... you don't win by complaining like there is a physical discomfort.... YOU SHOW FANGS.

    If I learned anything in my 47 years of this life and 21.5 years in the military... you dont win by being the Rootie Poo Sissy Boy in Battle... you go for the Knock Down Drag Out Punch... in this case it is getting rid of the Corruption at the Local, State and Federal Level ... go eat some red meat and show some fangs like you mean it

    Matter of Fact.. vote me in as President and I will go after former politicians, presiding politicians, Illegal Aliens, Crooks, drug dealers and America any Business that does harm to this Nation, I'll smok'em like a cheap cigar... I will give you one safe nation with sealed borders.... you know how I know that... the laws I enacted would be so rough on any Illegal Alien they would be running for the safety of their home country... or... doing hard labor, picking mater's and taters for years to come free of charge

    My platform will include going after big corporations and the oligarch's. I will strip wealth from any and all of these corrupt entities to pay for the damage done to America.

    Duncan Hunter - Vice President
    Ron Paul -Secretary of the Treasury
    Tom Tancredo - Secretary of the Deppartment of Home land security

    I will stop all off shoring of corporations... if you can't pay taxes here you cant do business here

    NAU - see ya ... I would suggest you go into hinding, because we want all individuals and corporate members tried for treason with a just trial and sentancing to follow in a time of war... it looks bad

    NAFTA - gone

    Mexican truck program - back to the 25 mile radius of the border

    China - gone from the most favored trade nation... who's F'n bright Idea was this so I can arrest them

    Free Trade my back side... fair trade or go whine about it

    Illegal Aliens that worked cheep by any company can sue that company for the health care they did not get when they displaced an American long as they cross the border and stay there.. you come back it's hard labor

    What ever you do America... don't elect me... I'm tell'en ya.. It will be an Eye for an Eye as far as punishment... you kill some one on the road and you did it drunk... Every Friday night before the bars open I will have the gallows standing by waiting to get busy... Oh wait... thats not in the constitution... tell that to George W. Bush that tore Our constitution to hell

    a foreign country or terrorist group even think's about killing a US soldier... that nation will have the most rapid rise in suface tempature ever recorded by man kind

    One of my upper level cabinent staff aint making it happen - they would be history as soon as I had all the facts

    UN - History... drag your lame A_S back to your collective Broke A_S countries and try to figure out what you did wrong

    Dont touch the right to bear arms..... I reserve that right to honest law abiding citizens

    Vincente Fox - banned from steping one crusty foot into this country

    Foreign head of state.. you critisize our policys and try to change them to fit your needs... All trade would be banned as well as any transfer of remittences

    Your a wacco Judge... look out

    You are a corrupt politician or Lawyer.... oh my goodness

    I'm beggen ya people.... don't vote for me or you will see the good, bad and the Fugly

    Now .. in saying all that you probibly figured out I am POed real BAD .... Some of you know me as a disabled veteran 90%... I dont want to be President, I just want to work hard, give back to the community and have a good life

    Our best candidates are not going to make it.. because we are thinking too Small. Because we cannot slam all 4 of the candidates below into one super politician ... If politicians can announce 2 years before an election they are running for a president an allience should be able to be formed. If Hillary can say if you elect me you get me and Bill two for the price of one ... we should be able to say vote for our candidate, our allience and you get 5 for the price of one ... no more good old boy dumb A_S's will fill a post... the best person will get the cabenent appointments ... wow... whodathunkit.

    Big money cant buy me or you... the GOP doesnt own me because I am a Republican without a party. Look what Ron Paul did in 1 day with fund rasing.. people are starving for a competant leader

    The GOP better worry, because democrates are going to put them in the street and you know what.. so am I if they dont fit my core beliefs

    I would suggest that we as a group try to get these (The 5 American Hero's listed Below) to form a super group too win this election and go on the platform AMERICA FIRST and Win by a landslide

    Duncan Hunter - President
    Mike Huckabee - Vice President
    Ron Paul -Secretary of the Treasury
    Tom Tancredo - Secretary of the Department of Home land security

    If these five are true Americans and want to put America first, they will find a common bond

    "American Needs us; Let's Roll"
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    The conductor's baton comes to a dramatic halt. The orchestra's final note rings in the air. There is a split second of awed silence, then thunderous applause as the audience expresses its appreciation.

    To a mathematician's ears, there is something else going on. Typically, after a few seconds of chaotic clapping, an audience will slip into synchronized applause, like two people adjusting their strides until they walk in step. But just as walkers will reassert their natural gait, a clap-happy audience will fall in and out of synch repeatedly.

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