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Thread: DeVos issues rule barring colleges from granting coronavirus relief funds to DACA

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    DeVos issues rule barring colleges from granting coronavirus relief funds to DACA

    DeVos issues rule barring colleges from granting coronavirus relief funds to DACA recipients

    BY J. EDWARD MORENO - 06/11/20 09:43 PM EDT 714

    © Greg Nash

    Education Secretary Betsy DeVos issued a rule Thursday that would ban colleges from granting coronavirus relief funds to noncitizens, including those protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program.

    The rule finalizes the Education Department’s (DOE) interpretation of a provision in the $2.2 trillion CARES Act that Congress passed in March which allocated $12.6 billion to colleges to fund emergency grants for students affected by campus closures.

    Under a nonbinding guidance the DOE issued in April, the department advised colleges to only give relief funds to students who typically qualify for federal financial aid, excluding international students and beneficiaries of DACA.

    “It’s clear the CARES Act was written to help Americans recover from the coronavirus pandemic,” DeVos said in a statement to The New York Times. “U.S. taxpayers have long supported U.S. students pursuing higher education, and this rule simply ensures the continuity of that well-established policy.”

    The rule will be up for public comment in the next month.

    In May, the California community college system filed a lawsuit against the DOE alleging that DeVos exceeded her authority in barring colleges to give aid to whom they please.

    The lawsuit alleges that the DOE’s interpretation “likely excludes more than half of all students in the California community college system, including many identified as economically disadvantaged.”

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    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

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    Not one dime for DACA.

    Not one dime of home loans for DACA. They need to go home!

    Not one dime for illegal aliens and GET THEM OUT of our taxpayer funded schools.

    They enroll illegal aliens and that school should not receive one dime of local, state, or Federal tax dollars. That is embezzlement and misappropriation of our tax dollars FUNDING, harboring, aiding, and abetting illegal aliens!

    We should not be paying to educate criminal trespassing illegal aliens who have NO right to be here let alone show up and enroll in our schools. This is outrages.

    Every UAC needs to be apprehended and handed over into the care and custody of their president. They are minors, they are foreign citizens, send them back!

    OVER 500,000 of them in our schools. Get them out of here and back to their relatives where they came from. They cannot DUMP their children and their responsibilities over our border.


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